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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3986 can't place cursor before a table Bug Normal Core : Styles
#296 Can't Remove Formatting in IE Bug Normal General
#2061 can't upload some types of files Bug Normal General
#5506 can't use right arrow key to bypass the form elements ( checkbox or radio) Bug Normal General
#5315 caret position when there is a blockquote as a default content Bug Normal General
#2122 Category problem on mediawiki 1.10 Bug Normal General
#2123 Category problem on mediawiki 1.10 Bug Normal General
#358 CDATA processing adds extra CRLF in IE Bug Normal UI : Source View
#14421 Cell/column insertion in header cell with nested tables Bug Normal Core : Tables
#14745 Cell Properties pixels and percentage dropdown not working (widthType) Bug Normal General
#897 Centralise configuration New Feature Normal General
#7483 Change checkbox state Bug Normal General
#11100 Changed font size leads to major bug in line spacing Bug Normal Core : Styles
#12310 Change event is fired once on arrow consequent to printable letter Bug Normal Core : Undo & Redo
#16832 change event not triggered upon applying native browser spell checking Bug Normal General
#6952 Change font size / color in firefox 4.0b8 Bug Normal Core : Selection
#6767 Change font size not possible from PasteFromWord in Editor. Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#6768 Change font size not possible from PasteFromWord in Editor. Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#12320 'change' is fired when pressing arrow key for the first time after changes in the editor Bug Normal General
#14368 change text background twice, cause the color to be lost Bug Normal General
#477 Change translation in placeholder Task Normal General
#1893 change upload location from GET parameter New Feature Normal General
#2675 Changing background color does not render properly when font sizes differ. Bug Normal Core : Styles
#14875 Changing the font also changes the size I have selected Bug Normal General
#6472 Changing the font family corrupts the pagebreak Bug Normal General
#399 Changing visual styles of toolbar elements Bug Normal General
#13072 check and uncheck for checkbox not happening properly Bug Normal General
#10223 Checkbox Button Bug Normal General
#9318 Checkbox is not able to select on ie and firefox Bug Normal General
#6314 Checkbox Properties not available in the context menu Bug Normal General
#14360 CheckBox RadioButton and Select not selectable in Firefox with CK 4.5.3 -> 4.5.6 Bug Normal General
#8464 Choose background color of table does not close dialog in IE Bug Normal Core : Tables
#10474 [Chrome] adds span on removing br Bug Normal General
#11756 CHROME: Applying alignment & link to an image removing all properties of image Bug Normal General
#6933 Chrome - bold, italics, underline etc. doesn't work with no text selected Bug Normal General
#11362 [Chrome] Broken select all when specific content in editable Bug Normal Core : Selection
#5981 Chrome: Changing paragraph format causes editor to scroll to top Bug Normal General
#5394 chrome: copying from one instance to another creates unnecessary inline css Bug Normal General
#16882 Chrome: Copy/paste content from instance to another missing all the Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#11073 Chrome - Cursor doesn't start blinking on focus Bug Normal General
#8753 Chrome: Cursor not staying in correct position after subscript/superscript & we moved to next paragraph Bug Normal General
#8882 [[chrome]] Delete, typing over and Backspace on high-lighted text in the bullet list does not delete the text the first time. Bug Normal Core : Lists
#13290 [Chrome] Format not applied if format selected then quickly select the text area. Bug Normal General
#10064 [Chrome] Inline Styles from contents.css added on Del or Backspace Bug Normal General
#5716 Chrome: insert emoticon in the middle of the word Bug Normal CKEditor 3.3 General
#10154 Chrome: link selection and type links first letter only Bug Normal General
#12596 Chrome: Multi-byte Japanese chars entry not working properly after line-break Bug Normal General
#7738 chrome not showing default alignment when we type text or keep cursor in editor body Bug Normal General
#13752 Chrome: Pagebreak lost when we paste content Bug Normal General
#8514 Chrome Paste Bug with multiple lines Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#9051 Chrome pastes (CTRL+V) copied elements inside parent a element Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#10516 [Chrome] Removing header adds unwanted styles Bug Normal General
#11998 Chrome / Safari over typing link text issue Bug Normal General
#6121 Chrome: Styles are hardcoded when text is moved Bug Normal General
#16873 [chrome] Tab based navigation - No caret / focus in element? Bug Normal General
#13860 [Chrome] Text formatting like text color or background color are removed on copy&paste Bug Normal General
#8779 Chrome - Zooming and Unzooming - CkEditor is deformed Bug Normal General
#17065 [Chromium] Styles list - broken overflow/scrollbar after second open style list Bug Normal Core : Styles
#13243 CKE 4.x - WSC button disabled under IE9 Quirks Mode Bug Normal General
#13244 CKE 4.x - WSC button disabled under IE9 Quirks Mode Bug Normal General
#6745 CKE: Add configuration option to add a list of pre-define list of links to the link dialog New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#10385 .cke_combos width are hardcoded Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#4766 ckeditor 3.01 ver,in source model,enter backspace ,js error Bug Normal UI : Source View
#5643 CKEditor 3.2.1. : FireFox font face not correct Bug Normal General
#5642 CKEditor 3.2.1. : FireFox font size not correct Bug Normal General
#5640 CKeditor 3.2.1 : Font name/size is not kept in multiple lines in FF. Bug Normal General
#5387 [CKEditor 3.2] Creation of div with id cke_pastebin multiple in chrome Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#6734 CKeditor 3.4.2 : Chrome - Unable to set style,font name and size. Bug Normal General
#8671 CKEditor 3.6.2 + Google Chrome 15 flash preview z-index bug Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#10434 CKEditor 4.1.1 - IE.8 cursor issue after adding image/flash/media Bug Normal General
#10486 CKEditor 4.1.1 not working in Android 4.0.3 Galaxy S2 (WebView and Chrome) Bug Normal General
#11345 ckeditor 4.3.1 does not version image/image references in css Bug Normal General
#12629 CKEditor 4.3.4 Anchor Issues with IE9 Bug Normal General
#11943 ckeditor 4.4 random crash when switching to source mode Bug Normal General
#9451 CKeditor 4 IE 8 Insert Image or Link Error Bug Normal General
#10075 CKEditor 4 Inline editing - Toolbar appears in the wrong place when you drag the editing object Bug Normal General
#9934 CKEditor 4 in Twitter Bootstrap modal disables dropdowns in IE Bug Normal UI : Floating Panel
#10044 CKEditor 4 textarea replace - Toolbar increase the textarea width Bug Normal General
#14338 CKEditor anchor tag floats Bug Normal General
#5867 CKEditor automatically adds <br /> Bug Normal General
#5982 CKEditor: Bold, Italic, Underline can only be applied to already written text (Chrome, Safari, Opera) Bug Normal General
#5112 CKEditor : Browse server button on the link tab of the image dialogue launches config.filebrowserImageBrowseUrl instead of config.filebrowserBrowseUrl Bug Normal General
#11000 CKEditor Bullets Formatting issue Bug Normal General
#6400 CKEditor cannot manage <strong> or <em> tags when style=color is set. Bug Normal Core : Styles
#5283 CKEDITOR.config.baseHref not working properly on IE8 Bug Normal General
#13124 CK Editor Context menu not opening if you click inside editor body but outside content Bug Normal General
#13348 CK Editor does not load data properly on hidden div when Chrome browser is resized Bug Normal General
#10020 CKEditor does not work on XHTML pages ! Bug Normal General
#10799 CKEditor doesn't apply inline styles to links Bug Normal Core : Styles
#10800 CKEditor doesn't apply inline styles to links Bug Normal Core : Styles
#11015 CKEditor don't work with Internet Explorer 11 (final) Bug Normal General
#10283 CKEditor dropdowns fail after call to JQuery UI Bug Normal General
#11613 CKEDITOR.editor.resize won't accept CSS units for height Bug Normal General
#5262 ckeditor encodes ' and " symbols Bug Normal General
#12439 "CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR" / "<br /> tags" conflict... Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#5032 CKEDITOR.env is undefined when loading ckeditor with ckeditor_source.js Bug Normal General
#3271 CKEditor - fatal error/crash while changing simple text styles(bold, etc) Bug Must have (possibly next milestone) Core : Styles
#10471 CKEDITOR.filter rules aren't versatile enough in certain case. e.g.: allow all data attributes New Feature Normal Core : Output Data
#10997 Ckeditor for drupal adding media popup not closing Bug Normal General
#10761 ckeditor IE 8 Standar mode curson issue after image Bug Normal General
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