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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#10806 preview.html does not use CKEDITOR_GETURL Bug Normal General
#10807 smiley images should use CKEDITOR_GETURL Bug Normal General
#10808 magicline plugin does not use CKEDITOR_GETURL Bug Normal General
#10809 wsc plugin does not use CKEDITOR_GETURL Bug Normal General
#10810 [Webkit]: Cursor jumping to start of editor body when we press enter after last list item in outer list Bug Normal General
#10811 Table properties dialog blocks on OK click Bug Normal General
#10825 Horizontal scrollbar does not appear for large right aligned pictures. Bug Normal General
#10838 Widgets: enhance DnD of block widgets Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#10845 Justify commands break on non-editable elements Piotr Jasiun Bug Normal General
#10852 Image2: Buggy showblocks integration Bug Normal General
#10861 Line height toolbar setting New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#10883 Image2: drag&drop should remove the align attribute New Feature Normal UI : Widgets
#10888 Better support for multilanguage content in SCAYT / WSC (for content made with the language plugin) Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#10892 All menu auto closes Bug Normal General
#10900 SCRIPT5007: Unable to get value of the property 'getSelection': object is null or undefined Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#10904 Impossible to remove object style Bug Normal General
#10905 fakeElement - isResizable limitations Bug Normal General
#10917 Unnecessary   in WebKit browsers Bug Normal Core : Editable
#10927 When ckeditor is inside a jquery UI dialog, richcombo dropdown panels fail when clicked on to close Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#10935 Table properties fields not working in ckeditor while open in colobox Task Normal Server : PHP
#10950 Cursor does not displayed on focus. Bug Normal Core : Focus
#10958 [Image2] Custom image ratio is lost when resizing in wysiwyg mode Bug Normal General
#10962 Speckie not working in Webspell checker editor - Spell check Bug Normal General
#10965 Firefox: Incorrect cursor position when link is created Bug Normal General
#10967 Widget selection after applying/removing style Piotrek Koszuliński Bug Normal General
#10969 [IE] Paragraph styling is not preserved after pasting (using Ctrl+V or Paste dialog) Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#10972 [IE] Paste in inline -> IndexSizeError Bug Normal General
#10978 bodyClass and bodyId not applied to styles AND format combobox Bug Normal Core : Styles
#10980 IE9: 'resetDirty' function throws exception when called after 'setData' function Bug Normal General
#10991 List & widget Bug Normal General
#10996 Additional Paragraph Format styles doesn't get applied Bug Normal Core : Styles
#10997 Ckeditor for drupal adding media popup not closing Bug Normal General
#11000 CKEditor Bullets Formatting issue Bug Normal General
#11003 CKEditor inline editor on elements within an iframe Bug Normal General
#11006 Enter after link in enterMode: CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR Bug Normal General
#11009 Exception while testing widget-based mockup. Bug Normal General
#11015 CKEditor don't work with Internet Explorer 11 (final) Bug Normal General
#11018 Image properties dialog: attaching links containing Emoji Bug Normal General
#11024 Unwanted &nbsp entities should automatically be removed Bug Normal General
#11025 Format Combo Box not wide enough Bug Normal General
#11028 IE11, can't set text color or text background color Bug Normal General
#11029 [IE11] Unable to set Text color or text background color Bug Normal Core : Editable
#11047 syntax error due to component mismatch Bug Normal Project : CKBuilder
#11051 [IE8] Undo for widget paste causes exception. Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#11067 Add editing support for definition list's New Feature Normal General
#11072 Merge cells doesn't work in FF when replaced textarea with inline editor Bug Normal Core : Tables
#11073 Chrome - Cursor doesn't start blinking on focus Bug Normal General
#11088 [IE8] image2 widget paste throws an exception on paste undo Marek Lewandowski Bug Normal General
#11089 Widgets: focus policy after pasting a widget Bug Normal General
#11090 "Marker" yellow highlight style not working for inline editors Bug Normal General
#11100 Changed font size leads to major bug in line spacing Bug Normal Core : Styles
#11116 Error thrown when clicking "body" in elements path when widget selected Bug Normal General
#11119 IE 11 and rightclick on selection Bug Normal Core : Selection
#11128 JS error on pressing Delete in a list inside a table Bug Normal Core : Lists
#11155 Problem with outdent/indent list in blockque Bug Normal General
#11157 Unable to select text after enabling SCAYT Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#11160 [IE11][QM] Editor does not work in IE11 QM Bug Normal General
#11168 Re-design and refine samples Olek Nowodziński Task Normal Documentation & Samples
#11195 Dropdown "Styles" isn't closing on unfocus in jquery Dialog Bug Normal General
#11208 No content in dropdown menu like Styles select menu. Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#11209 Ckeditor problem with anchor tag Bug Normal Server : PHP
#11210 Insert image using insertHtml() and resize/move handles are not there Bug Normal General
#11218 Bug in bbcode plugin Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#11224 transparentImageData URI in widget plugin is escaped Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#11235 Back Space Fails when Image Selected Bug Normal General
#11236 Widget templates with newlines cause errors Bug Normal General
#11246 Widgets within widgets Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#11262 [FF] forms plugin allows you to place caret inside textarea Bug Normal General
#11267 [Blink] Produces extra span with line-height upon line join Bug Normal General
#11288 Weird border for paragraph format inside lists, tables etc. Bug Normal General
#11295 can't destroy before setData has finished Bug Normal General
#11308 editor in 'enter_br' mode loses br tags if multiple br tags are present before a table (tested for IE 9, IE 10 and IE 11) Bug Normal Core : Parser
#11311 SCAYT mouse control delay Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#11315 core/lang.js: crash in callback when language fails to load Bug Normal UI : Language
#11330 Style Type - Dropdown, multiple elements selector New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#11332 Styles combo does not ever show object styles Bug Normal Core : Styles
#11345 ckeditor 4.3.1 does not version image/image references in css Bug Normal General
#11362 [Chrome] Broken select all when specific content in editable Bug Normal Core : Selection
#11367 Backspacing to merge two same-styled lines changes the style of the second line Bug Normal General
#11383 [Divarea&Widget] Scroll jump when widget is pasted Bug Normal General
#11385 Unable to type in the writing tool after changing the Font name, size, color and Background color options Bug Normal Core : Styles
#11386 a11yhelp shows help for unavailable commands Bug Normal Accessibility
#11388 Editing cell properties to include border New Feature Normal General
#11391 Double escaping on widgets ?downcast? Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#11406 Issues with merging 2 texts/lines with heading tags Bug Normal General
#11409 [FF] no context menu for form elements Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#11420 IE: editor blinks and Drop-downs closed immediately after show when CKEditor opened as a modal dialog Bug Normal General
#11421 Firefox 3 left over code in clipboard plugin Task Normal Core : Pasting
#11474 Keyboard hides after pasting on iOS Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#11476 config.browserContextMenuOnCtrl does not work with the divarea plugin Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#11483 Selecting through Status bar and deleting get merged with next element Bug Normal General
#11509 divarea plugin prevents browser context menu from firing Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#11514 Font size in German with ... at the end in toolbar Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#11529 OpenOffice paste table loses background color Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#11531 Google CDN Url for the Full featured CKEditor? Task Normal General
#11534 CKeditor (Inline) problem when no cached version is available Bug Normal General
#11545 Issue with korean IME inputs Bug Normal General
#11553 Newline and then backspace alters style using Chrome Browser Bug Normal General
#11558 Alignment state of the picture doesn't update properly. Bug Normal General
#11559 IE11 - link on image is clickable - happens in the demo page as well Bug Normal UI : Widgets
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