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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#9563 SCAYT does not work in 4.0 inline editor Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#9653 Problems with IE10 Quirks mode Bug Normal General
#9657 Cut/Copy disabled Bug Normal General
#9691 Context menu items not consistent Bug Normal General
#9698 content editable inside a main table causes bugs Bug Normal General
#9708 Context Menu z-index problem when used from toolbar in inline mode Bug Normal UI : Context Menu
#9716 Fix FCKeditor browser detection to work with Firefox 17 Wiktor Walc Bug Normal General
#9723 CKEditor User's Guide 404 Error Bug Normal General
#9736 [Android] Problems with text selection Bug Normal Core : Selection
#9737 IE10: CKE 3.x - We can't open CK Editor Context Menu for elements in editor body Bug Normal General
#9751 translation issue for locale bg_BG Bug Normal UI : Language
#9780 Calling setReadOnly(true) in IE 8 and 9 then clicking in the entry area causes Javascript Error Mateusz Samsel Bug Nice to have (we want to work on it) Core : Read-only
#9789 Addons area requires Authorization Bug Normal Documentation & Samples
#9852 Opera: dialogs not closing after inserting elements Bug Normal General
#9869 CKEDITOR 4 toolbar is acting weird Bug Normal General
#9918 IE7 & IE8 - CKEditor not fully loading on Page refresh Bug Normal General
#9930 XSS onLoad error in Source Mode Bug Normal General
#9959 IE: select a text, right click to open context menu, click to insert Link or Anchor --> OK button not work Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#9997 [Android] CKEDITOR.inline returns null, CKEDITOR.instances is empty, no toolbar Bug Normal General
#10031 CKEditor injects special character in Chrome Bug Normal General
#10048 Incorrect information on CKBuilder page Bug Normal Project : CKBuilder
#10081 NEW! can't edit fields in jQuery UI modal dialog Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#10087 [Webkit] space is deleted when line start is space. Bug Normal Core : Selection
#10099 element.createFromHtml gives error on IE7/8 when adding HTML5 Section tag Bug Normal Core : Selection
#10100 Translation of the table plugin to fr-ca Anna Tomanek New Feature Normal UI : Language
#10139 Ugly smiley's window in IE and Firefox Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#10144 ckeditor-releases / lang / de.js magicline translation is wrong Anna Tomanek Bug Normal UI : Language
#10157 Copy/Paste issues in Chrome with Div based editor Bug Normal Core : Editable
#10234 Incorrect icon for the moono skin Wiktor Walc Bug Normal General
#10243 Portuguese transation update Anna Tomanek Task Normal UI : Language
#10245 Configuration questions Bug Normal General
#10302 IE9 - H1 text copied from CKE cannot be pasted in CKE - JS Error. Bug Normal General
#10328 Inconsistency in paste as plain text Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#10343 Chrome & opera - trailing white space lost on paste Bug Normal General
#10345 focus event is not always fired in chrome Bug Normal Core : Focus
#10354 Javascript error Bug Normal General
#10363 [Chrome] Unable to remove all contents with SCAYT in some cases Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#10374 Doesn't show tool bar icons if loaded in hidden box Bug Normal General
#10376 Source Buttton Bug Normal General
#10384 New version for my plugin is not displayed. Bug Normal General
#10450 IE10 QM problem Bug Normal General
#10481 extraAllowedContent documentation correction Bug Normal Documentation & Samples
#10485 IE: Error thrown when we try to paste simple text from word doc Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#10491 Typo in Documentation Bug Normal Documentation & Samples
#10508 Incorrect behavior when undo/redo clicked in IE Bug Normal General
#10515 Formatting applied in CKEditor not preserved by later CKEditor instance Bug Normal General
#10526 CkBuilder Panel Option Missing Wiktor Walc Bug Normal Project : CKBuilder
#10535 Tab doesn't navigate to next cell in tables Bug Normal General
#10548 Chrome/safari: Not possible to cut the formatted text Bug Normal General
#10552 CKEditor and Jquery UI Integration Bug Normal General
#10567 Safari & Chrome: CTRL + A does not select entire content in editor body if text has formatting applied Bug Normal General
#10571 filler char should be removed prior to undoImage Bug Normal Core : Selection
#10581 Cannot add a link if there is a p tag inside a div tag in the source Bug Normal General
#10601 readOnly block element wrapped in P Bug Normal Core : Parser
#10724 SCAYT conflicts with FF text highlighting via the keyboard on misspelled words Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#10744 fi.js typos Anna Tomanek Bug Normal UI : Language
#10770 [iOS] Must click exactly on first line to insert cursor on iPad Bug Normal General
#10901 Bug with CKeditor 4 and RequiredFieldValidator with workaround Bug Normal Server : ASP.Net
#10929 Spelling Mistakes on Accessibility Instructions dialog Anna Tomanek Bug Normal General
#10934 Blur not fired correctly in Chrome or Safari Bug Normal General
#10968 Pasting plain text inside links becomes plain text New Feature Normal Core : Pasting
#10977 Correct spelling mistake with native spell checker does not trigger change event Bug Normal General
#10987 [Blink] Copy-paste table within CKE breaks width percentage. Bug Normal General
#11014 p="name=x" attribute would changed unexpected in text input Bug Normal General
#11031 SCAYT issues Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#11048 Insert table row adds row to parent table Bug Normal General
#11053 SCAYT conflicts with FF selection when pasting and undoing Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#11084 Opening CKEditor in a modal window in Internet Explorer and SCAYT enabled Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#11092 Extra comma in build-config.js Bug Normal General
#11205 IE11 Issues with £ symbol and SCAYT Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#11243 Magicline and widgets Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#11245 Correct spell menu not open on right clicking misspelled word, only if 'config.enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR;' line added in your config.js file Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#11282 Documentation on Widgets (Part 2) has an error. Anna Tomanek Bug Normal Documentation & Samples
#11284 [IE8] Modernizr 2.5.x causes error when opening link dialog Bug Normal General
#11287 [Chrome, inline editor] Ctrl+A after selecting Page Break selects an entire page instead of the editor body content Bug Normal General
#11292 GPL Version for Plugins New Feature Normal General
#11364 Widget image2 : Cannot set property 'previous' of null Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#11462 [Blink] Hitting shift+enter twice from the top of a formatted block will add a space below the cursor Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#11466 SCAYT jumps to previous ckeditor instance for second misspelling in Chrome Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#11515 Last item on bullet list ignored - Google chrome issue. Bug Normal General
#11518 Inline Editing Cursor Jump w/ SCAYT Enabled Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#11527 Ipad scrolling not woirking when embedded in an iframe. Bug Normal General
#11540 Fix docs spelling Bug Normal Documentation & Samples
#11644 Number of rows must be a number greater than 0 Bug Normal General
#11715 SCAYT enabled for ckeditor inline causes problems with widgets Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#11740 editor.insertHtml isn't registered as event.editor.on "change" Bug Normal General
#11942 Enhanced Image dialog doesn't find it's caption on editing Bug Normal UI : Widgets
#12118 Cursor jumps to end of the word in Chrome when clicking the Strikethrough button mid-word Bug Normal General
#12146 Files from CKEditor CDN not cached Bug Normal Performance
#12227 CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR - Chrome 36. Dont apply format to the selection text placed at end of editor Bug Normal General
#12255 Anchor dialog does not display existing anchor name when dialog was opened by doubleclick Bug Normal General
#12301 Accumulation of nested span (font size) tags for bulleted lists Bug Normal General
#12355 Demo page doesn't load in Chrome on Android Bug Normal General
#12460 CK editor not working in WP version 4 Bug Normal General
#12462 Unable to use Ckeditor Bug Normal General
#12517 Support for @mentions - the autocomplete feature New Feature Normal General
#12542 Entire page scrolls down briefly if entire editor is not visible in Chrome Bug Normal General
#12575 wrong french translation for anchor Task Normal UI : Language
#12700 Old bug resurfaced? Bug Normal General
#12738 CDN link for 4.4.5 Standard loads 4.3.5 Bug Normal General
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