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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3069 FF:plugin:checkbox/radio inserted element is not control type Bug Normal General
#3164 [Webkit] SelectAll incorrectness Bug Normal General
#3279 CKEDITOR.replace(el) breaks save button's submit action Bug Normal General
#3986 can't place cursor before a table Bug Normal Core : Styles
#4559 Menus buttons width Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#5496 Make "removeformat" work even without selection New Feature Normal Core : Styles
#5506 can't use right arrow key to bypass the form elements ( checkbox or radio) Bug Normal General
#6018 PHP FTP Connector for CKFinder 2.x New Feature Normal Server : PHP
#6123 Tab to Indent Bulltets & Shift-Tab to Back it up New Feature Normal General
#6366 [Webkit] adds inline styles on drag and drop operation Bug Normal General
#6582 Add row properties dialog New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#6997 [IE8] <dt> tag breaks CKEDITOR, Stack Overflow 26 Bug Normal General
#7151 StylesCombo doesn't honor the bodyId configuration option Bug Normal General
#7164 Stack OverFlow at line 29 error in IE6 with 3.5.1 Bug Normal Core : Parser
#7195 Source Code Highlight New Feature Normal General
#7402 CKFinder translation files New Feature Normal General
#7568 JAWS not reading instructions on Accessibility Instructions dialog Bug Normal Accessibility
#7585 Get Plain Text New Feature Normal Core : Output Data
#7586 BiDi: IE8: Bulleted list dialog not displaying with RTL Bulleted list Bug Normal General
#7587 BIDI: IE8: Unspecified webpage error is thrown when using the UNDO function Bug Normal Core : BiDi
#7606 Editor remains grayed (frozen) after closing a dialog Bug Normal UI : Dialogs
#7609 Unable to bold then apply color to a hyperlink Bug Normal General
#7610 FF & IE Pasting multi level Numbered list from word not working properly . Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#7623 IE8 - SCAYT long running script error on large amounts of text Bug Normal UI : Spell Checker
#7715 OPERA Bug Javascript errors when unlinking (it unlinks though) Bug Normal General
#7736 Horizontal list changed to vertical when click in it Bug Normal General
#7738 chrome not showing default alignment when we type text or keep cursor in editor body Bug Normal General
#7774 Inserting image in IE8 at end of content disables ability to jump to end of content Bug Normal General
#7776 I'm facing the issue in CK Editor. Context menu not working in firefox. Bug Normal General
#7797 Paste from Word does not recognize fonts Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#7802 Opera: unable to turnoff single formatting Bug Normal General
#7826 Source protection dosen't work for textarea tag Bug Normal Core : Output Data
#7833 IE: Unable to scroll the editor, if the image in the editor is selected Bug Normal General
#7849 Can not be served with XHTML mime type Bug Normal General
#7877 Opera: Toolbar drop down menus are not displaying Bug Normal UI : Floating Panel
#7884 Cursor Persistence into Sourcec view New Feature Normal General
#7889 Error deleting rows in IE Bug Normal Core : Tables
#7891 Safari & Chrome : Nested block while pasting paragraphs Bug Normal General
#7956 [[IE & Opera]] issues with PageUp & PageDown when Auto grow plugin(with it's default configuration) is loaded Bug Normal General
#7970 Cannot copy from native context menu in IE9/8 Bug Normal General
#7979 iframe body height causes problem with right click menu. Bug Normal General
#8006 FF4 Ubuntu: right click between tables in wysiwyg mode results in an error Bug Normal General
#8013 FF4 : Focus not shown when we tab to combo boxes & check boxes on all dialogs Bug Normal Accessibility
#8056 [IE] Cursor jumps to the top when clicking at the bottom of the editing area Bug Normal General
#8071 Demo editors don't resize horizontally Bug Normal General
#8081 Safari on Mac : Cursor goes out of editor body when auto grow kicks in Bug Normal General
#8101 Image Resizing by mouse Bug Normal General
#8104 Radio buttons cannot be given a vertical layout Bug Normal General
#8108 IE & Safari : Can't remove empty paragraph first in document that's followed by a table Bug Normal General
#8122 Insert a new line between a list and another line (internet explorer) Bug Normal General
#8139 After inserting a table in IE8/9, can not move cursor below in ENTER_BR Bug Normal Core : Tables
#8143 Opera: incorrect basic styles toolbar behaviour Bug Normal General
#8146 Creating link continues onto second line Bug Normal General
#8150 IE9 toolbar offset bug Bug Normal UI : Toolbar
#8153 tab-key should increase indention of lists New Feature Normal Core : Lists
#8170 Mouse wheel New Feature Normal General
#8183 Find does not highlight found words for contentEditable=false Bug Normal General
#8202 [IE] Pasting or typing a textual link auto-hyperlinks it Bug Normal General
#8208 Disable data URIs when pasting images New Feature Normal General
#8214 Invalid table colspans break row insert Bug Normal Core : Tables
#8219 Copy pasting URL in FireFox Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#8221 IE: Selection bug when opening dialog on certain content Bug Normal Core : Selection
#8250 Background test color does not scale with increased font size Bug Normal General
#8251 Open Link functionality needed for IE9 New Feature Normal General
#8254 Positioning Bug Normal General
#8269 Opera : Copying and pasting tables not working properly (CORE-41467) Bug Normal General
#8282 IE : Numbered list can not be converted to bulleted list or vice versa Bug Normal General
#8283 IE: We can't insert a link with out focus in Editor body Bug Normal General
#8286 Opera: paste from right-click menu does nothing Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#8329 Ability to support vbox layout for Radio buttons in dialogs New Feature Normal UI : Dialogs
#8368 Incorrect DOM structure after applying an anchor style to a selection that already contains a styled anchor Bug Normal Core : Styles
#8384 Problem when switching between multiple instances of ckeditor Bug Normal Core : Selection
#8394 Table Row deletion freezes IE9 Bug Normal General
#8399 Resize table handles misplaced in RTL mode Bug Normal General
#8401 Accessibility: Problems navigating radio buttons in a dialog using the keyboard Bug Normal Accessibility
#8403 IE: Pasting content from notepad which includes blank lines is not working correctly Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#8408 Text colors Bug Normal General
#8415 [IE] Undo when table is selected results in an error (still causing) Bug Normal General
#8417 [IE] Table resize points are visible outside workspace Bug Normal Core : Tables
#8434 Image resize bug Bug Normal Core : Selection
#8436 Redundant empty paragraph added after div elements Bug Normal UI : Source View
#8437 background of text run pasted from Word Bug Normal Plugin : Paste from Word
#8442 Block (i.e. not inline) <a> tags New Feature Normal General
#8450 Pasting a list with sublists only indents first sub-list (3.6.1 and up) Bug Normal Core : Lists
#8461 Paste image from clipboard New Feature Normal General
#8464 Choose background color of table does not close dialog in IE Bug Normal Core : Tables
#8478 Complete translation for French language (fr.js) New Feature Normal UI : Language
#8479 Performance problem with nested documents Bug Normal General
#8487 Editor starts to be disabled when moved to another DOM element Bug Normal General
#8500 No indentation when copy/paste plain text Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#8503 FF: Not possible to add paragraph before table if table is first element in editor Bug Normal General
#8505 Remove the 'Advanced' tab from the 'table' dialog Bug Normal General
#8508 Mac/Firefox 7: Pressing "Delete" in tables does not delete selection Bug Normal Core : Keystrokes
#8510 IE 7 Editor scrolling when clicking near the scrollbar Bug Normal General
#8514 Chrome Paste Bug with multiple lines Bug Normal Core : Pasting
#8515 Opera, highlight text, click style button and cursor position incorrect Bug Normal General
#8535 Bug: - hide() is not working with IE 7 for CKEditor Bug Normal General
#8545 Uncaught JS errors when destroying editor/textarea before fully loaded Bug Normal General
#8546 link in list fails in ie8 Bug Normal General
#8547 IE8: We can't enter text after anchor in editor body. Bug Normal General
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