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Oracle Tickets

Open Tickets

There should be some guarantee at plugin loading order
JAWS should announce dialog titles when dialogs are opened
[IE] JAWS doesn't recognize the 'application' role on editor chrome
Invalid background color triggers js error in IE and erratic behavior in others
Cannot "cut" the form element on top of the page
IE: When copying and pasting a table, an empty <p> is appended on output
Wrong rowspan after vertically splitting and merging back cells
Make CKEditor prevent caching images in browsers
Scripts can be executed from ckeditor using preview plugin
Align buttons' states not refreshed after changing image alignment
Find/Raplace doesn't match everything.
Link Properties Dialog should search both Encoded and UTF-8 values
IE: empty lines removed from list on copy/paste
IE10 crashes after deleting certain content
BR tag replacement seems to be to agressive.
IE8 - JS error is thrown when you right-click on Magic Line
Find and Replace dialog cannot match text with multiple spaces
Deactivating list tool for empty list gives script error
[IE] Cannot apply nested background colors
Image dialog gives script errpr when focus in all of a link.
IE10 crashes using custom bullets
Scrollbars cannot be used with big pictures in certain cases.
Undo does not work for resizing elements such as table, image, horizontal line
[FF] Permission denied is thrown when preview is used for page with document.domain
split merged cell vertically command transposes the cells
[IE] Selection not refreshed or incorrect if clicked outside body
[IE] Unable to indent list selected by Element Path
undo link scrolls to top of page
Hierarchy request script error
Title tag is messed up using special characters.
[iPad Mini] Unable to scroll horizontally in CKEditor
[Drag and Drop] Dropping file with " ' " in its name causes 404

Closed Tickets

Setting DocType to Standards Compliant Collapses <body> in IE
Input or select box inside fieldset element and SelectField Properties popup issues
plugin:maximize porting from v2
Event to indicate that the editor is ready for full interaction
JAWS Tool is not able to recognize the new CKEditor3.0
Toolbar layout is messed up in IE6 quirks mode
Provide a method for making iframe based dialogs
CKEditor should be focs-able like a text box under JAWS
Accessibility features for dialogs.
Accessibility: Menu
Tab index in textarea should be inherited to the editor
Need an easy way to let plugins configure their toolbar button icon
Tab focus on editor with tabindex after the editor has been focused is wrong
Customized icons for context menu items
Icon definition for toolbar buttons and context menu items should be able to use icons in icon strips
config.stylesCombo_stylesSet does not load external style JavaScript files.
Tabspaces setting in tab plugin is not working
Tab and Shift-Tab is skipping elements
Invalid alignment of toolbar icons in IE Quirks mode
Image plugin - Advanced Tab's Id field is not working
Request for Office 2003 Skin in CKEditor 3.0
Request for multi-language files for CKEditor 3.0
Implement a simpler way for loading external plugin JavaScript files
Paragraph <p> tag is not getting added for the editor text
In IE: CKEditor - Editor Area content is not word wrapped
Incorrect font and font size detection in IE
CKEditor 3.0 - Context Menu is not displayed correctly
Panels are not working with custom document.domain
CKReleaser is breaking hotkeys in CKEditor
Change the voice readout of the editing area from "CKEditor" to "Rich Text Area"
CKEditor 3.0 - Not able to type inside the editor area when jaws is on using fire fox browser
CKEditor 3.0 : Ok/Cancel buttons are not working in Dialogs
Pressing Enter on dialog buttons does not activate them in JAWS
Unable to apply inline styles when selection touches end of area with the same style already applied.
Dialogs open out of the window
In office 2003 skin, Dialogs are not displayed in the right area
Find/Replace is not undoable
Hot Key crashes IE 7
Drop down menus are not translated.
In Safari 3.x release, Tab and Shift Tab is not reaching the editor area.
Add configuration entry for newlines in code formatter.
Implement collapse toolbar feature
Ctrl-V does not work in Paste from Word dialog
Safari : Announce the editor in VoiceOver
Documentation is needed for the shortcut keys
addIframe method is not available by default
In IE: CKEditor - Editor Area content is not word wrapped
Add hotkeys for image dialog, remove link and save
Editing area is not visible in IE quirks mode
Font and Size controls are not working correctly
Dialog tabs are causing Firefox throbber to spin indefinitely.
setData and getData events are not fired correctly
onbeforeunload is fired whenever dialog tabs are being switched
In Firefox, Editor Area is not displayed/Refreshed
CKEditor Toolbar is missing the left and upper border
CKEditor - JAWS issues
CKEditor : Context Menu issue
CKReleaser is broken under Windows
Disabled toolbar buttons are indistinguishable from normal toolbar buttons in JAWS
Editor is loading up in IE7 without contents
Unneeded unicode character found in English translation files
legend tag value is displayed on the Toolbar
CKEditor's editor area is not editable in IE8/IE7 and no data is displayed in Firefox
Switching list type at the end of documet crashes IE8.
Toolbars are breaking up in IE with v2 and office2003 skins.
There should be no image previews when the URL is empty in image dialog
Add validation checks to image properties dialog.
Maximize does not enlarge editor width when width is set.
Arabic Language issues
Maximize button is not translated
Maximize control's tool tip is wrong once it is maximized
HC detection causes js error
CKEditor's ToolBar is chopped off in Safari browser 3.x
CKEditor's ToolBar is chopped off in Safari browser 3.x
Editor area chopped off on maximize for Arabic language in IE7 and IE8
JAWS reads all items in Font Size drop down box as "8 Link" in "office2003" skin
Tab and Shift+Tab not working to cycle through context menu in IE
"New Page" button is not working when cursor is inside "Show Blocks" area
Table is not getting deleted after selecting it and pressing Delete button in Firefox
"Esc" and "Enter" keystrokes are not handled when a dialogue box is opened which causes the form post automatically
CKEditor's tool bar is chopped off in IE7/IE8,
Toolbars and Controls are not rendered properly
CheckDirty is not returning the correct state
Combo boxes make the toolbar be heigher with Office2003 skin & RTL mode on IE
Tooltip is required for the collapse/expand control
Template options on the Template dialog are not keyboard accessible.
Collapse toolbar button visible but not usable on simple toolbars
Form Field list in JAWS lists Rich Text editor field wrongly.
In IE8, all toolbar controls are not working in Arabic language
Enter button is not handled properly while activating toolbar controls.
JAWS is not reading the editor in Safari
Content Template Dialogue box is not fully accessible with keyboard.
Some times the dialog box border is broken and we are not able to drag the dialogue box.
Panels are not working with IE in RTL page
Domain relaxation partially broken in FF
Toolbar Collapse/Expand control is not working after defining custom toolbar configuration in Firefox 3.6 and Safari 4.0.4.
Not able to Cut and Paste bullet item
JAWS not reading tool bar controls properperly while navigating with arrow keys
Background colours cannot be set separately for spaces in a text string
Formatting automatically applied to all characters/words when only single character/word is highlighted
"Paste From Word" control showing error while pasting bullet list from MS Word.
JAWS is not reading disabled tool bar controls as "Unavailable Link" in Firefox
Strange issues with Text Color and Background Color toolbar controls with JAWS
Cursor dissapears after maximize in Firefox 3.6
All dialogs in all skins in RTL mode are broken with IE
Dialog boxes are not displaying properly in Quirks mode in IE
Formatting not retained after pasting text from MS Word
Scroll bar is displaying on right hand side instead of left hand side for RTL pages.
Missing accessibility attributes in the editing area DOM
Erratic scrollbar behavior when opening a rich combo with RTL
Setting the doctype to HTML is not working
Image dialog too wide when many styles are set
Textarea formating is lost when it is converted as CKEditor
Issue with dialog boxes in Arabic Language
Pasting large content in editor area freezes browser
JAWS is not reading the toolbar controls while navigating through arrow keys
In CKEditor 3.3: When we set the focus in the 'instanceReady' event, FF3.6 is giving js error
Dialog's rendering issue in quirks mode
Editor is flickering when we click the Format/Font/Size control
Copy and cut icons should be disabled on empty selection
Mouse cursor on the editor area does not change to "insert icon".
[IE8] '0.startContainer' is null or not an object
Copy and pasting a newly created link breaks
Extra Space between Page Breaks after moving from Source to Wysiwyg mode.
In IE7, edit area adding <p>&nbsp</p> elements when clicking in the edit area
Issue with styling when Img and <a> tags are present.
Document grows with every subsequent click on source control
Copy Paste of List not functioning properly
IE: JS error when Selection field inserted on page
Cannot "paste" the form element on top of the page
In IE7/8, CKEditor performance degradation when adding multiple editors
Maximize control collapses the editor
Issue with Number/Bulleted list - Stack overflow at line: 27
In non-source mode, text with html tags are rendered as html instead of as plain text with tags
In page key handlers are catching ENTER key on toolbar buttons
Language direction attr does not default to 'LTR' when no direction value is set.
Paste with CKEDITOR.config.pasteFromWordRemoveFontStyles = false
Accessibility Software JAWS not reading label field if ckeditor is enabled
Links created using Links plugin to anchor tag does not work
IE: Can't apply inline style to empty line.
Switching to source and back creates invalid html
Copying the word content adds two lines above/below the bullet points
JS can be entered using the protocl type 'Other' in links plugin and executed via Preview plugin
CKeditor 4.0.1 Access denied error in IE9-10
Pressing DEL/Backspace in empty table cell moves cursor to next/previous cell
Replace textarea with inline editor
[IE9-10] - Undo fails after 3+ consecutive paste actions with JS Error.
Bug when document.domain touched but not changed
[Bidi] Lack of scrollbar in the RTL text direction
element IDs are omitted from pasted or manually edited content
Trying to remove a sub-list from a list entry deletes the entire list
With IE10 undo in a table cells gives script error
Each copied Microsoft-style list can get pasted as multiple lists
I get script error when I undo replace text
Horizontal scrollbar does not appear for large right aligned pictures.
ckeditor api used in 3.6.2 does not work in cke 4.0
Cannot cut a list properly if it's selected by mouse.
I cannot paste numbering correctly across tables (from MSWord into CKEditor)
Alignment state of the picture doesn't update properly.
Cannot decrease indent of single list item.
Image alignment - bulleted lists do not wrap correctly.
CKEditor is not converting the user data to html when we set enterMode = 2
Font names containing spaces and numbers are not handled well.
CKEditor adds div tag in between caption tag of table when left aligned.

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