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IBM Tickets

Open Tickets

Enable find in source view mode
Make subscript/superscript switchable
Create Format Painter button
Wrong colspan after vertically splitting and merging back cells
JAWS should announce dialog titles when dialogs are opened
Style plugin should allow refreshing of data
Toolbar expand/collapse toggle button cannot be tabbed to and does not have tooltip text
Paste: Indentation problems for simple indented text
Context sub-menu items should not hide other context menu items
Dialog API: Custom alignment of radio buttons and their labels
inoperable accessibility instructions
Can't change alignment of table in Text and Table Template
Replace alert messages with user-defined UI
Enhancement Request: Replace tab in Find and Replace dialog should have a Find button
Font-size overlaps background-color
[IE] 32-bit windows has broken document.domain for IPv6 address, causing access denied errors
Menu button does not display sometimes in high contrast mode.
IE Cursor not going to next line when we press enter & we have set forceEntermode=br as config option
IE Selected format fails to reflect in entered texts correctly
IE : entering Misspelled color name in Cell Background or Border color fields creating empty span each time we press OK button.
[FF] The cursor disappears from the editor after dragging an image
SelectionChange not firing in all instances
[IE8]: Highlighted text is deleted when using browser Edit => Copy
The Find and Replace dialog does not submit on the Enter key
IE: Text fields in Table dialog not displaying correct values
BIDI: IE6 Cursor missing from Editor body when we click on RTL icon with out focusing in Editor body
IE Selected font not applied to typed text
List: enter key causes outdent in empty list item only when item has no sublist. With sublist it creates new item on same level
Safari we can't change Styles for Numbered/Bulleted lists in a Table
IE: Caret shows through styles dropdown
Applying Block Quote to empty or the only paragraph in Table cell applying Block Quote to Table instead of Table Cell or Paragraph in Table Cell
IE Flash Auto Play functionality not working
FF : We can't scroll down right align table using mouse
Issues with decrease & Increase Indent on Numbered & Bulleted lists
[IE] Table cells deleted when trying to set formatting for the entire table
FF : Opening Cell Properties dialog resetting Columns Width
Color/Style of Bullets/Numbers in lists should follow the style/color of first character of the list item.
Allow users to create their own keyboard shortcuts for context menu items
Provide ability for users to resize column widths using the keyboard
Allow opening links in edit mode
Autogrow usability
IE: Drop-downs closed immediately after show
Provide support to load CKEditor in one frame and render it in another
Editing pasted lists not working properly
FF - Font/Size/Styles not being continued on Enter
IE6/IE8: Borders on color panels are not displaying correctly in RTL languages
IE6 Cursor goes missing when we come out of RTL Numbered/Bulleted list
Copying a table row content in a different row does not paste properly
IE Quirks: List item disappears when editor does not have focus
Clicking in the editor returns the fonts to the default values
FF & Safari : Underline for list item not shown for the below html code
Image dialog size lock inaccuracy
Backspace stops working when working with nested list
Indented text copied from Word is not displaying properly when pasted into the editor
Support for setting a default font and applying it through inline styles
IE 'editor.getSelection()' is null or not an object
IE9: Toolbar buttons are not displaying properly in RTL languages in v2 skin
[[safari/chrome]] have to click twice or type text to get elements in path bar
[[safari/chrome]] not possible to insert special character after smiley in a table cell
Unable to delete form elements with backspace key
getData converts BR tag to nbsp
Ability to specify border properties for tables and cells.
IE Selected font name/size not shown in font name/ size drop down list after selecting an option
Improvements to the selection API and documentation
Opera: can not enter text after inserting Horizontal Line
Opera : Copying and pasting tables not working properly. (CORE-41467)
Problem with tables: Coulmn sizing and deleting table
JAWS not reading updated values of width/height on Image Properties dialog
Table Tools APIs are not exposed
Webkit: Incorrect font name is displayed
No horizontal scrollbar when inserting a right aligned floating element that is wider than the page
IE: Image dialog is unable to load image properties inside of a floating element
[IE] Text pasted differently than in other browsers
Editing pasted Numbered list with different Start Value not working properly
AutoGrow fails on Firefox with document that has quirks mode Doctype
IFrame dialog Style field in Advanced tab not reflecting values entered for Width & Height in General tab
Cannot delete horizontal rule via backspace
Opera: cursor not staying in current table cell after inserting a smiley.
Table row inserted incorrectly with missing cells
Removing a list removes indentation
CKEDITOR.editor.resize - Invalid documentation
URL is applied incorrectly when the selection contains an anchor
[FF] Strikethrough style works incorrectly for bigger fonts
Pasting numbered list with a different start value and style not working properly
IE6: In RTL Preview for some special characters not showing properly
If copied MS-Word text contains a text box, then text does not display correctly in the editor
IE: using Undo after Unlink moving cursor to start of document in editor
CK Editor doesn't support translation of keystroke names
Opera: In Table dialog values for rows & columns not shown in Rows & Columns fields
[IE] Performance problems with nested documents
FF 4: In HC mode, No Visual Focus when we tab to Check boxes & Combo boxes on all the dialogs
Error Message not displayed when we enter invalid CSS in Styles field
Chrome : link not inserted in correct position when we make a selection for the first time.
Opera: link not inserted in correct position when we have image before cursor position (CORE-14592)
Remove nested duplicate inline elements on parsing
Safari & Chrome : Paste options are enabled & Paste option shown in context menu when Clipboard is empty
[IE] PageUp and PageDown not working
Opera: insertElement() not working as expected for inline elements
Strings for specialchar plugin added directly to editor.lang instead of editor.lang.specialChar
Copyright header missing from specialchar\lang\en.js
IE8 - Unable to place cursor after image
Ability to customize the contents of the a11yhelp dialog.
we can't shift+Tab out of the editor if there is no focusable element before the editor
Safari/ Chrome: Default Alignment not shown for the text in editor.
Cursor position on FF4+ different from FF 3.6 & other browsers
Unexpected lists get created when selecting nested divs
Safari & Chrome : Copying & Pasting first table row with headers & some cells with rowspan > 1 not working
cke_disabled class is not added to the span for a disabled dialog button
Better indication of required fields
Add the possibility to remove a context menu item at a certain listener
Cell width is not updated when a cell is split horizontally
Cell width is not updated when cells are merged
IE - Cannot determine which cells are selected in a table
Text/Background color applied to entire paragraph removed when we apply new colour to a word in the paragraph
IE: Selecting a table row and pressing backspace only deletes a cell instead of the full row
FF: (HC mode) Text does not get highlighted when using Find & Replace dialog in High Contrast mode until the dialog is closed
Copy-paste of table rows does not work correctly
FF, Opera - Page down gets stuck
IE Compat view: Cursor missing when we apply Right alignment with out focus in editor body
Changing Table Headers from both to First Column not working
IE: Inserting Cell Before or After not working if the table has only one cell
Font Size and Bold/Italic/Underline create multiple spans
Editor does not autogrow after entering content in Maximize mode
IE: Focus lost when editor's horizontal or vertical scroll bar is scrolled
Automatically generated toolbar duplicates items that are included in a toolbar menu
Context menu not displayed in correct position when invoked using keyboard shortcut (Shift + F10 or application key)
Opera: Editor displays off-screen in autogrow sample in maximize mode
IE9, IE10: Image overriding the link if you try to insert it inside a link.
Inconsistency in preview field for images with % heights
IE10: Browser context menu overrides CKEditor context menus on misspelled words
Magic line should only access space between the current and the closest block
Font Size and Font Name drop-downs do not always reflect font styling
Fire an Event when items are selected on toolbar combo boxes and color panels
Editor context menu unavailable when opened outside the body element of the content area
[FF] Odd cursor position after deleting single bullet point
[Webkit] Enter key before sub list is not right
Finish integrating dialogs with Advanced Content Filter
Opera: Replace Textarea Elements by Class Name sample - CKEditor loses focus
IE8: Unspecified error when pasting with a selection in the editor
Increase/Deecrease Indent icons not displayed in toolbar when we have rtl lang & allowed content is p{margin-right}
Chrome: format lost when cut & paste subscript/superscript text
Find and Replace dialog cannot match text with multiple spaces
Content Advisor in IE8 Causes 4.1.2 to not function
Ability to customize the way dialog UI Elements are rendered
Autogrow: Editor does not scroll to end of pasted content
[FF] Incorrect cursor position on Backspace
IE: Unspecified error thrown when we tro to delete a row in a table containing list
IE9/IE10 - No visual indication that a table is selected
Attributes and styles are stripped from block elements when they are pasted in the editor
Indentation not applied to ul/ol element when the entire list is indented
IE9: Cursor jumps to start of next list level when we press tab to create another list level
Delete cells in table with nested table removes entire document content
[FF] Unable to escape from the link or anchor
Autogrow plugin cause the text content to 'shake'
Table border value should only allow integers
Incorrect paragraph style after applying indentation and changing text direction
Opera & Chrome: Extra Border displaying across all menus list boxes
Widgets are not filtered by ACF when pasting
Table Tools modify the wrong table when working with the <th> element in a nested table
Language dropdown display issues with many language options
IE: cursor not visible when CKEditor opened as a modal dialog
FF - Pasting Chinese characters adds spaces to the pasted text
Input Method Editor(IMEs) didn't work properly in CKEditor with the AutoGrow plugin in IE11
Introduce a "split button" UI component
(Chrome) Table: Insert Column After
FF: Default values for Horizontal Alignment & Vertical Aalignment not shown on Cell Properties dialog
The table should be highlighted when user selects table contents with keyboard (Ctrl+A, Shift+Arrow)
[Umbrella] Problems with selection in table cells
JAWS reading the "not set" option twice in the Code Snippet dialog
AVT: Keyboard selection of widgets does not behave as expected
AVT: Keyboard Navigation not working properly with widgets in editor body
Not possible to change title for Table in Text and Table Template
Permanent Pen feature
Adjustable default values for the Table dialog
HC Mode: HTML Tags inside dotted lines not shown when Show Blocks enableded
Unable to select a table in IE after merging cells
checkElementMatch always return false for color style in IE11
Impossible to place caret in an empty inline style that existed in an empty block
[IE9-11] Double-byte space disappears when pasting
Pasting a single whitespace besides an existing one in firefox has no effect
The table in a list item gets deleted when clicking enter
Task list: let the user create a list of actionable checkboxes
Numbered bulleted list improvements
Required "type" attribute is missing in the <style> element generated by the editor
Focus is not properly restored after closing the context menu
It is not possible to align/justify whole table.
Click-and-drag resizing of objects (images, tables, Flash etc.)
Editor.document is not set in source mode
Change event not triggered when using the browser context menu
Improve copy and paste from Office applications (particularly Excel & Powerpoint)
[IE11] Focus issues when the editor gets loaded
IE option menu is different when right clicked on element with hasLayout==true
Chrome: Text Style lost when we paste content through Paste Dialog
Chrome: Text Style lost when we paste content after refreshing the page
Incorrect Tab navigation behavior with radio buttons inside the dialog
Focus not being set in the Upload tab after the upload image button is pressed
Page scrolling when spacebar is pressed to de-select lock ratio checkbox
Table or horizontal line disappeared after insert in case of numbered/bulleted list.
BR Enter Mode: New list item not created when we press ENTER at end of list item
EDGE: Pasting Numbered list from word with more than 2 levels not working properly
AVT: No info about applied text/background colour to normal/JAWS users in Colour options list box
Safari on MAC : Drag & drop of images from web not working
[Blink, FF] Block Elements removed when we copy & paste
[Blink, FF] Alignment/Indentation/Language direction lost when we copy & paste
[IE] Block Elements removed when we copy & paste
[IE] Alignment/Indentation/Language direction lost when we copy & paste
Removing content using backspace right after paste not triggering onChange event
<blockquote> breaks into 2 <blockquote> when you increase indent for Blockquote
Ability to customize the position where the spinner icon is rendered on the dialog
AVT: JAWS users has no info when Insert Spanner is spinning on Insert Media dialog
Opening native context menu on a link & selecting "Open Link" results in new page loaded in content area
EDGE: Replacing text with empty string not working in Find & Replace dialog
EDGE: Not able to edit the Image if Image has Alignment set
Safari 9: Link context menu opions are missing when image has alignment set
IE11: Widget selection lost after Undo & Redo
Pasting from MS Excel to CKEditor using IE loses background colors IF cells are resized from the default prior to copying
CHROME: Copying & pasting content from one editor instance to another removing all styles
FF: Adding extra paragraphs or space when text pasted
IE11: Japanese Kanji character breaks when you repeatedly typing Japanese
setting Italic fails for Japanese character, in Japanese locale
Copying from IE divarea editor to Chrome/Firefox in results in full nodes path.
trailing slash is removed from meta tag
CHROME: Empty paragraphs lost when copied & pasted from Notepad
FF & IE: Increasing Indent not working on lists
Firefox: Not possible to enter normal text after inserting Link using Link dialog
Indentation for Text lost when pasted from word doc
[A11Y] - JAWS reading each item in Context Menu as separate list
Clicking on the disabled toolbar button makes them enabled

Closed Tickets

z-index of Image in editor prevents toolbar action
Safari : It is not possible to apply styles to collapsed selection
"disabled" R/W property
Multiple span problem
Implement logic for handling bogus BR nodes.
AJAX sample fails to populate editing area after subsequent editor instantiations in FF 3
Override CKEDITOR.basePath and CKEDITOR.getUrl
Indent does not work in IE
insertHtml() mangles links
Option 'Match cyclic' not working
Focus issues when inserting a numbered list
Focus issue after inserting table
Table feature does not provide ability to modify tables in V3
Toolbar Combos don't work in FF2
plugin:stylesCombo has no options
Smiley plugin causes browser to hang
List features not working
Incorrect font and font size detection in IE
Match the whole word in Find it does not match
FF adds excessive <br> tags on enter
IE Focus issue with Ajax example
Font size and type not reflected in combo when selecting text
Font style not correct with existed style
UI Dialog - Span and div mixed
IE generates fixed urls for smilies
IE : Smileys always have full URLs
Flash object get lost
IE - Combo features do not work in latest nightly build
Styles are remove when caret placed in element boundaries
Floating panels don't use the baseFloatZIndex setting
Flash Plugin: The flashicon.gif file may be copyrighted
Flash plugin doesn't work in IE
Fix dialog layout for Firefox 2
Paste from Word dialog does not work in Firefox 2
Keyboard shortcut for toolbar doesn't work in FF 2
Unable to use screenreader in FF Ajax Example
Keystroke for open/close submenu
Table dialog layout review
JAWS does not read Format, Font & Size drop down as combo boxes
Cannot tab back into text area on all Paste dialogs
Close button not accessible via keyboard in dialogs
JAWS does not read the first toolbar item after switching focus to toolbar
Tabs in Flash and Find/Replace dialogs not keyboard accessible
Editing area keyboard navigation problem with table in FF3
Ending a bullet/number list at the end of a document is not possible in FF
[IE] Find result highlighting problem
RTL toolbar icons not aligned RTL in FF2
Fixed color palette in colour selectors should provide names for colors
Indentation and list features don't work in specific cases
Safari: Cell context menu doesn't always work
Not able to place cursor at end of document when table is the last element
Context menu does not display properly in IE6.
[IE] Paste from Word doesn't work
Insert smiley dialog not keyboard accessible
Toolbar needs to work in High Contrast mode
Combo panels do not align in FF
Replace function in Find & Replace dialog does not work
JS error in Find & Replace dialog
Toolbar collapse feature isn't keyboard accessible
Context menu disappears after displaying one submenu in FF2
Insert special character not keyboard accessible
Use body.contentEditable = true instead of domDocument.designMode = 'on'
Issue with nested Font size and background color
Replace feature leaves selection after cancel
Some values for Flash dialog need to be resourced
Safari 3.2 cache issue
There needs to be a way to reset the undo stack
[IE] Dialogs flicker when displaying
[FF3] resetDirty() not working after initial load
Edit area adding <p> when clicking in the edit area
[IE] Cell properties RTL dialog layout problems
High Contrast - Color picker doesn't display colored options
CKEditor doesn't support <style> tag in text area.
Pre output formatting is broken
Context menu disappears after displaying one submenu
Cell Properties dialog missing color selection option
Automatic color options don't seem to do anything
Indent and BR selections
HC: The editing area has no border
Bullet/Number list feature not working
[IE] Paste from Word does not paste on last cursor location
Paste from Word - Stack overflow exception
[FF3] Problem with pasting content from ODS file into rich text area
[FF3] Table selection handle doesn't refresh when changing table size
[IE7] Inconsistent navigation issue on tables with headers
Replace all only searches to the end of the document
Custom styles duplication
Table alignment use of align attribute
Pasting large spreadsheet data slow in IE
Show Blocks + setData causes blocks refresh problem
Special Character dialog selection problem
Find & Replace causes "too much recursion"
[IE] Insert special character adds to the beginning of the document
Color button issue on 3724
[IE]Block style broken when cursor on front of text
FF2 cursor issue when using combo features
Strange bullet/list problem
JAWS problem reading toolbar items and dialog inputs
Paste from Word - bullets not reproduced
Links do not get deleted correctly
Multi-cell selection does not work
[IE] Context submenu strongly mispositioned in IE 6 & 7 RTL
Undo does not register all changes in document
[FF3] Script error when opening Ajax sample
Selection problem after inserting new link
Undo resets Redo buffer when undoing to beginning
Pasted text takes on style at cursor location
[Safari] Samples don't work in nightly build
[Safari] Paste as plain text only pastes one line of multi-line text
[Safari] Context menu for cells not complete
Dialog elements should use explicit labels instead of implicit labels.
iframe in dialogs are missing titles.
[FF2] Styles do not break at cursor when toggled
Empty href attribute values are created twice
Create list command leaking into the rest of the document.
[IE7] Font color selector not working after using automatic option
Resizing tables in Safari doesn't work with mouse
Unable to indent a list
[FF3] Script load and editor init problem
Navigating problem in IE8 after image added
[IE] Preformatted selection problem
[IE] Preformatted edit problem
[Safari] Insert column before/after problematic
Reset size and lock ratio options not accessible in Image dialog
Cannot navigate back from submenu in context menu via keyboard
[FF] Pasting content from Word causes problems
Use <label> for all labels in dialogs
can't place cursor before a table
[Opera] ALT+F10 doesn't focus the toolbar [CORE-33752]
Nested numbered list issue
Cannot insert image using file URL
Emphasis styles not enabled at the start of text
Font types and sizes not enabled using Safari
Cannot enter text below the horizontal line using Webkit
The Text and Table template will not copy to the editor text area
[Translation] Chinese elementsPath.eleTitle not translated
Real descriptions must be set into CKEDITOR.config.smiley_descriptions
Translation for Traditional Chinese
Fallback mechanism needed for config.language
Avoid deprecated image attributes
Setting column paragraph alignment generates spurious <P>'s before table
Inconsistent processing of custom styles
[IE6] setData problem with custom plugin
[IE] Keyboard navigation doesn't work on float panel with Quirks
Undo unavailable after replacing content with template
Float panel menu will not respond after the editor instance is re-created.
Popup Window Name field is populated with Target Frame Name value.
Updated link Target field is not updating when updating to certian values.
Adding template does not save an undo snapshot..
[IE6 IE7] Can not delete selected table cell contents.
Paste from Word dialog does not create an undo snapshot.
Context menu goes off-screen when mouse is at right had side of screen.
Template options on the Template dialog are not keyboard accessible.
Image Reset Size and Lock Ratio icons not visible in high contrast mode.
Text next to Flash object is missing after save.
[FF2 FF3] Flash object is missing
Flash properties restore to default settings.
Link text is not updated when link protocol is changed
Context menu is only available once.
Styles, Format, Font and Size toolbar drop-downs only available once.
Table cells' 'nowrap' attribute is not loaded to cell property dialog
Emotion smiley icons do not contain descriptive ALT text.
The new color picker is not keyboard accessible
Can not select image when navigating text with arrow keys.
[FF] Deleted and Inserted text styles being rendered
Opera: It's not possible to apply styles on collapsed selections
IE - selection is not visible when context menu is opened
Text colour and background colour are not visible in high contrast mode.
Can not navigate to next row with down arrow key if table has a header row.
Switching to source when insert or delete style used adds a empty paragraph.
Undo not removing added horizontal line
Undo not available straight away if shift key is used to enter first character.
Undo not working for Smileys, Page break and Anchor after HTML source mode.
Remove Format does not reduce block level headings to normal text
Editing tables using table properties dialog overwrites table's style values
Keyboard navigation problem with tabs in image dialog
Table dialog should provide empty value for width
Removing text colour and background color in high contrast mode prevents focus to toolbar buttons after them.
[IE7] Cursor remains in editor when you tab to following form button.
Remove Link and Outdent buttons should be disabled before editor gets focus
[FF] Editor not recieving response from server when drop-down menus are used.
[IE8] Font size resets when font name is changed in an empty numbered list.
Text change request for image properties dialog preview label
Bullets not applied on single line
[IE] Applying formatting from drop-down list on words highlighted by find does not work
[IE] Editing image with keyboard does not retain the properties of the image when displaying the image dialog
[FF] Redo not working after viewing source
Extra line break inside of created links
Paste: Font face and sizes not recognised on pasted content from word
[IE] Paste: Table alignment is being applied to table content
Editor should understand cell alignment styles
Paste: problems with custom styles
Paste: Problem with simple nested lists when using measurment units: inches or picas
Paste: Outline Numbered lists do not copy correctly
[IE] Paste: Some lists with alpha numberings cause problems
Paste: After pasting a table from word it is not possible to navigate outside the table
Can not undo 'formatted' paragraph format
[IE] Lock ratio padlock inconsistent between FF and IE
Can not modify target window properties of a link
Collapse toolbar button visible but not usable on simple toolbars
Paste: Problem with multi-level lists
Paste: Outline Numbered list do not copy correctly v2
[IE] Editing table creates a new table
Choosing lanuage should utilize direction from lang file
Change the Combo box Options in some Light Boxes when JAWS is On
[IE] After inserting Text and Table Template we can't go back and Type in the Template
Undo unavailable after inserting template before editing content
Image dialog buttons should display labels in HC mode if they have a function
[FF] Difficult to add content after a new horizontal line
CKEditor should provide a common way to registry/config the lang file
Need a way for CKEditor to configure name format of language files
[IE] Scrolling problem with tables
Find highlighter removes bgcolor and font color from words
Table summary can not be removed.
Emoticon images use a fully qualified URL
Allow registration of CKEDITOR.dialog event listeners in dialogDefinition event
Lorem Ipsum text needs to be resourced
Special characters hard coded colors
[FF]Unicode extension-B characters requires two backspaces to delete.
Page break in lists move to above the list when you switch from WYSIWYG to HTML mode and back.
The table orientation symbol does not remain with table when its right or center aligned
Add MAC paste keyboard shortcut text to Paste Dialog.
Subscript and Superscript buttons remain selected when both are clicked
[FF] Table collapsed when Text and Table template inserted
Smiley path configuration property not producing relative emiticon links
Context menu items are draggable in Firefox and Safari
JAWS not reading tool bar controls properperly while navigating with arrow keys
Problem with removing advanced tab in link and image dialogs
Using Shift-Tab on Source mode doesn't work
JAWS not reading out Press Alt+Zero for help when the Cursor is in the body of the Editor
Arrow to show sub menus is not visible in HC mode
Focus goes into body before activating dialog
JAWS reads dialog fields incorrectly
JAWS not reading combo boxes properly in link dialog
Menu items do not auto-resize for long menu items
Error in ajax sample
[FF] Error when using undo
CKEDITOR_BASEPATH has no affect on CKEDITOR.basePath
Dialogs with lists do not have proper labels for lists
Can't use mouse to change tabs in dialogs
Problem with reading the help dialog contents
Context menu should select the first item in the list
Instructions on using toolbar items are not read correctly
JAWS is reading additional text before reading dialog tab name.
JAWS is not correctly reading the blockquote button.
[Nightly 3.2 Ajax Demo] Maximize button is not rendering the editor correctly
Context menu is not read as a context menu by JAWS
FF—Styles, Font Name and Font Size are not sticky
Undo becomes confused after creating a new page
String changes required to facilitate customized labels on fields in dialogs
[[IE]] Have to click the Table dialog's OK button twice when there is no content.
Flash checkbox options on properties tab are not read by JAWS
Replace dialog focuses on Find tab when using dialog_startupFocusTab=true
[FF] Can not collapse toolbar when Basic toolbar is used.
Accessibility help dialog does not support all CKEditor supported languages
[[IE]] Default Values are not shown for Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment combo boxes on Cell Properties dialog
[[IE]]—Bold Italic Underline Strikethrough Subscript and Superscript options are sticky even after we clicked on the options to undo them
MenuItems in toolbar don't show a down arrow in HC mode
Behaviour of Menus in Toolbar is Inconsistent
Flash Alignment property is not working
Text and Background Colour applied to the text are removed together even though we removed only one of Text Colour or Background Colour
Numbers, Bullets and Indent paragraph will clear the Block Styles setting
Language tool is substituting 'false' for some existing values.
[[IE6]] Content Templates dialog is not displaying properly
enterMode=ENTER_P is not respected when inside a DIV
Customizing multi-tab dialog to show only one tab doesn't work
Indented lists are not displaying correctly
When selected content has more than one paragraph format, paragraph format list box always showing the paragraph format option of the first selected line of text
Style info within <li> disappear after press Enter twice
aria-selected attribute is not removed when rich combo box list item is deselected.
Replace Option with Match Whole Word Option checked is not working properly
Text styling only gets applied when text is selected on a Opera/Safari/Chrome Browser
Several lines' formatted data will be merged to one line when we apply Numbers/Bullets
Active list item ARIA role is wrongly placed
we are getting errors when we try to launch the CKEditor
Have the "title" atttribute on iframes
The a11y help dialog doesn't always get focus
JAWS not reading Template Options on Content Templates dialog
[[IE]] Selecting a linefeed at start of text in CK Editor causes styling issues
Cursor in the wrong position when you delete an Empty Paragraph
if we apply heading formatting to a list item in an Ordered/Unordered list we can't come out of the list
Bullets/Number contents displays across the left justified table
Focus is going out of the Editor when we change the Option in Cell Type list box on Cell Properties dialog
if we apply Pre-Formatted formatting to a list item in an Ordered/Unordered list we can't create new list items & also we can't come out of the list
JAWS not reading the Selected List item as Selected
Provide a disabled mode for the editor
Undo not working when we change the Table Properties for the table on a saved page
We can't change Border size,Cell Spacing & Cell Padding for Pasted Tables from Word
JAWS not reading first option in Special Character list on Special Character dialog
[[IE]] we can't enter the text below Page break
Disable HC detection in webkit browsers
Wrong orientation of Protocol list in Insert Link dialog in Hebrew
Access Denied error on IE7 and IPv6
[[IE]] we can't start Numbered/Bulleted list in Tables by Clicking on Insert/Remove Numbers/Bullets Icon
[[IE]] Cursor goes to next Table Cell after we insert a Smiley in the Table Cell
Anchorname with a blank at the end
we can't remove the format of the copied & pasted text by selecting the text and clicking on Formatted icon
[[FF]]Formatting for Subscript and Superscript is removed when we copy and paste the word with Subscript and Superscript Formatting
forceEnterMode affects lists
Menu items can be dragged of the Menu
Finding text in CK Editor find function doesn't scroll to show found text
[[IE]] Some smileys remain highlighted after selection
Editor should cleanup dialogs when it is destroyed
Inline Quotation Style Option is showing differently in IE to other browsers
[[IE]] Inline Quotation Style Option is not working
page break for printing can not be removed using Undo
Focus not going to Accessibility Instructions dialog when we activate it
Cursor location in Paste from Word and Paste dialogs is incorrect for BIDI languages
[[IE]] First Char in the selected line in a Table is removed from selection after we applied and removed the Formatting
Flash with Alignment is not shown properly in Editor body
Rich combos are not re-positioned when going to maximize mode
forceEnterMode affects Indendation and Outdentation
Indent/Outdent doesn't work when Text is left-aligned in RTL
Labels for special characters need to be resourced.
IE8 - Cursor can not move to the end of the last smiley in CK Editor
Text colour Gray tooltip incorrect.
IE : Cursor moves to the start of paragraph in the Pasted Text
Text field & Upload Button in Upload Tab of Image Properties dialog are not shown Properly in Arabic
Configuration option for dialog buttons following OS guidelines.
Layout bug in a11yhelp dialog in IE Quirks
&shy; entity not converted when config.entities=false
[IE] Not all list-style-type values are supported by IE
Required field's label to contain a CSS class to allow it to be styled differently
[[FF]] We can't delete/backspace chars after a sequence of actions
Multi-Cell selection in IE
Up/down arrows stop working in editing area
Start Values for Roman & Alpha Numbered Types are not working
Changing Number/Bullet List Style looses Cursor Positioning
Undo not working properly with Numbered/Bullet list Styles
IE - Issues with Formatting options in Numbered/Bulleted list
[FF] Error when double clicking on table for first time.
Alignment or formatting is not applied to selected cell text.
IE Cursor positioning for Language:RTL style behaves differently to other browsers
Table column resize not working for IE7
Table column resize should work for last column
Table tab behavior interfering with customized tab behavior
[IE7] CKEditor looses content when Google toolbar spell check button used.
paste and pastetext dialogs can not be skinned easily.
Indentation should be done with CSS2 text-indent property to support a11y
BIDI: Support for switching base language is required
BIDI: Indentation should work with mixed BIDI documents
BIDI: List items should support and retain correct base language direction
BIDI: it should be possible to set the base language direction of tables
BIDI: [IE8] Paragraphs with dir="rtl" display with resize handles
Table tab behavior and accessibility
Read-only regions modifiable via find/replace
Read-only regions, copy context menu action should be available
FF - issues with keyboard Navigation when we insert a page break in the editor
[FF] Cut commad removing paragraph id attribute.
[IE] Selection highlight removed when context menu is opened.
IE8 Cursor jumps out of Table cell when we click on a Table Cell
when we have combo box as first element in the Tool bar Application landmark is taking focus to Tool bar instead of Editor body
Dialog auto focus does not check for hidden tabs.
Cursor initially overlaps previous line when font size is set to > 28.
page-break should have proper Alt Text instead of Unknown object. so that JAWS reads it properly
BIDI: Bidi buttons should be selected in toolbar to reflect the current direction
The ability to change the colour of list markers.
Opera's native context menu is displaying when you right click.
Table dialog rows and columns fields should be marked as required.
Automatic Background Color is Incorrectly displayed as "Black" in UI when it is actually "White"
[[Opera]] Can not delete number/bullet list by pressing Backspace key
[[Opera]] we can't start a Number/bullet list by just clicking Number/bullet list icon with out selecting Text in editor body [CORE-91]
[[FF]] Modifying Table Properties by selecting more than one cell, causing several issues
BIDI: Tables should align to corresponding direction when base language direction is set
Horizontal Alignment applied to Table cell is not updated correctly in the Toolbar
BIDI: Direction of Increase Indent & Decrease Indent icons are not reversed after changing Lang direction to RTL
BIDI: We can’t apply Left/Block Justify Alignment to a Paragraph with RTL applied
BIDI: When we apply RTL direction to a right aligned Paragraph, Paragraph is not moved to left & Alignment of Paragraph is not changed
BIDI: [[FF/Safari]] When we apply RTL direction to a left aligned Paragraph, Paragraph Alignment is not changed
BIDI: switching from Numbered to Bulleted List & vice versa is changing Lang direction of the list
[IE6] Dragging a link that uses JavaScript code for the href value causes error.
List Context Menu Incorrect
Insert Table Column additive
Find should work for read-only regions
Introduce the useComputedState setting to control default toolbar states
IE: Caret doesn't blink on RTL dialogs
Find & replace is not working properly with Tables in the content.
BIDI: when we apply explicit language direction to Numbered/Bulleted List the corresponding BIDI Tool bar icon is not highlighted in the Toolbar
BIDI: when we change Table language direction indentation of text in Table cells is not applied correctly.
BIDI: Alignment set to text in Table cell is not shown in the Tool bar when we press Enter to start a new Paragraph
BIDI: when we apply RTL direction to a pasted Table, Borders are missing on one side.
BIDI: Language direction is changing when we come out of Numbered/Bulleted list
Accessibility : Initial Focus should be set to to Tabs when Table Properties dialog is opened
Tab to Indent Bulltets & Shift-Tab to Back it up
BIDI: Show Blocks should show the HTML Tags on the Right for RTL Languages
List indentation is not working
IE: Floating panels offset when editor is within a container that has defined width
Page up/page down jump whole document on IE8
Default width in Table dialog disappears when we activate Table dialog more than once
[[FF]] Modifying Table Header Properties by selecting first Row, causing several issues
Focus not going to Tabs in Image dialog when we went to Edit the Image.
Multiple styles lost when changing coreStyles_underling to use <span> with inline style
Incorrect CSS classes applied to rich combo menu panel.
IE6 Cursor missing from edit fields on all dialogs for Right to Left Languages
IE we can't start Numbered/Bulleted list on a Empty page.
Creating and inserting a new element fails in Webkit if editor not focused
Language Direction field on the Advanced tab of Table Properties dialog has a fixed pixel width.
safari/chrome we can't insert any element in the editor with out focussing in Editor body
No Visual Focus when we tab to Check boxes on Find and Replace & Flash Properties dialogs
Difficult to add content after a new horizontal line or Page break
Wrong behavior of paste if there is \r\n in paste content
Cannot delete a line (paragraph) above the table
BIDI: Language direction applied to a Paragraph is removed when we apply one of Paragraph formatting options
Indentation/Alignment is applied only to first 2 paragraphs if we have Page break or line break at the end of text
BIDI: Applying direction to multi-paragraph selection within a div
[[IE]] Issues with Numbered list
BIDI: Applying same language direction to all paragraphs not working.
Font Names & Font Sizes should be shown Left Align even for RTL Languages
[[IE]] some format is lost during paste
Focus not returning to editor on drop down close
[[IE]] Extra space added at start in each Empty cell after saving & reopening the page
BIDI: bullets in a Numbered/Bulleted List getting clipped when going from LTR to RTL
BIDI: creating a Numbered/Bulleted list causing improper behavior on bidi
BIDI: creating a Numbered/Bulleted list causing improper behavior on bidi
Redirection URL is incorrect when clicking inserted image in CKEditor
Safari : Cell Properties option is disabled in Pasted Table Cells when we invoke context menu by keeping cursor inside text
FF creating lists with paragraphs having diff font name/size adding &nbsp after list item with diff font name/ size
[[IE]] Deleting a Nested Table inside Table cell is deleting the whole cell
Unexpected behavior when toggling bulleted/numbered list with a floating element
Roman list style are not pasted properly from Word
Cursor is visible in the editor but the editor has not got focus
Table Properties dialog is not populated with data from selected table
Adding/removing rows/cells works incorrect with merged cells
Issues with Pre Paragraph formatting option
[IE] Exception thrown when hiding editor in some cases
BIDI: BIDI buttons should not toggle the base language direction
FF width and height are not shown for smiley in Image properties dialog
Label for smiley can not be changed using Image properties dialog
Paste: Outline Numbered lists do not copy correctly
Opera: Focus goes out of Editor after selecting an option in one of combo boxes
Opera: selected Font name option not shown in Font Name combo when we typed the text
Contextual menu doesn't disappear when switch in HTML source view
Cell Properties dialogbox Choose button not properly displaye
BIDI: FF 3.6 Incorrect behaviour of LTR/RTL when used with Numbered/Bulleted Lists containing a single list item
IE: List creation by merging problem
IE Table caption not updated Properly in Table dialog when we change caption in Editor body
[FF] Extra bullets/numbers are added into a list containing a right aligned image
Error occurring when trying to insert a table over a highlighted list
BIDI: Applying same language direction to all paragraphs not working.
IE - Selection lost when context menu popped up
BIDI: Paragraph alignment lost when switching list to paragraph
Table dialog does not allow percentage values for cellpadding
IE7: Start textfield in Numbered List dialog should be a required field
BIDI: Pressing decrease indent in an RTL bulleted list causes incorrect behaviour
Line break character should not be inserted if elements only contain text nodes.
BIDI: Language direction is not being preserved when pressing Enter after a paragraph format has been applied.
BIDI: Copying & Pasting RTL lists from Word not working properly in IE7
BIDI: Incorrect alignment is applied when copying & pasting RTL content from Word
BIDI: Language direction should be applied to individual list items and not the entire block
Image dialog validation should not allow a value of zero be entered numeric fields
The image lock ratio is set when the image URL field is populated.
Populate the Find dialog with the selected text.
Replacing multiple paragraphs with an element does not fully remove the paragraphs
BIDI: Alignment doesn't apply in some cases with BIDI paragraphs
[IE7]: "Choose" buttons in cell properties dialog are not displaying properly
Safari: AutoGrow plugin - CKEditor loses focus
[IE7]: Improper behaviour when pasting a List in IE7
Webkit: cannot type after inserting Page Break
Bug in table insert row
[Opera] Close inline style fails
BIDI: Increase RTL list item indent doesn't work.
Nested list in RTL is incorrectly presented
Enable MS-Word styles by default
IE: Issue with pasting content over the Heading 1 paragraph format
Allow the entire disabled dialog field to be styled using cke_disabled class.
BIDI: In IE Language direction applied to a Paragraph is removed when we apply Pre Formatted Paragraph format option
Lists copied from Word are not pasted properly.
Issue with adding carriage returns to Table caption.
BIDI: Indent & List icons are not reversed when we apply RTL direction to a paragraph with any of Paragraph Formatting options
Styles combo drop down list not refreshed
IE Target combo for Image Link shown as blank even when we select <not set> as an option
BIDI:[FF] when we apply explicit language direction to Numbered/Bulleted List the corresponding BIDI Tool bar icon is not highlighted in the Toolbar
IE Selected format not applied to typed text
Opera & Safari- It's not possible to enter text after Horizontal Line & Page break
List items do not become paragraphs when lists are removed in a table
IE7: List becomes distorted when Increase Indent is pressed
BIDI: BiDi buttons do not work on a list that is inside a blockquote
IE8: 'Paste as plain text' has a big time delay in IE8
IE7: Dialog buttons disappearing in RTL after dragging
[IE7] Dialog buttons invisible on focus
Menu button disabled after opening dialog
Opera: Unable to move cursor below horizontal line or Page break
Alignment is not observed after paragraph format has been applied
Applying formats should take <br> tags into account
FF - editor destructive on cut operation
cloneContents can remove the selection.
entering a blank before URL in the URL field is breaking the link
Allow cursor to exit from container blocks
Paragragh tags should not be added inside <li> tags
The Indent command changes a text direction
Image link target field not correctly set when editing an existing image.
Opera: we can't open Accessibility Instructions or Help Dialog
BIDI: [IE] Not all numbers are displayed in a mixed content Numbered List
BIDI: Incorrect behaviour when copying and pasting RTL list from within a table
Language direction on table is <not set> when LTR icon is clicked
IE: Additional &nbsp is appended to 'empty' initial content (enter mode=DIV)
Safari Align(left/center/right) can not be used for Numbered list or Bulleted list
Color of link can not be changed anymore after link text was made some format
[IE]: Background color panel remains visible when another toolbar button is clicked.
IE/Opera: RTL language direction is not preserved when enter is pressed at the end of a list.
[[[Safari/chrome]]]: Cut & Copy options are not available in the context menu when we select some text
Pasting Word text in FF3.6 does not maintain formatting, even though it works fine in FF3.5 and IE.
Find is not highlighting the word in read-only blocks
FF : we can't navigate up the read-only blocks using UP arrow key
Opera/safari : we can't copy content when the first paragraph/div in the content is read only.
Opera we can't copy the read only paragraphs [CORE-35866]
The Cell Properties dialog definition sets the width of the Width and Height fields to 100 pixels
IE: autogrow plug in is not working properly
Safari on Mac : Cursor goes out of editor body when auto grow kicks in
Opera: Paste from Word functionality is not working
Opera: flash preview doesn't work on Windows XP
Enable Flash Menu and Allow Fullscreen variables for Flash not working
Whitespace lost on paste in FF
Table borders are not displayed when the editor is saved
[IE] Undo when table is selected results in an error
IE : Bulleted/Numbered lists created with Paragraph formatting can not be deleted using backspace
Image dialog should not allow zero for width and height fields
iframe plugin does not allow percentage widths
Cursor skipping additional character after contentEditable="false"
Table column resize hit testing needs to be finer grained
Copy/Paste Word List should preserve list properties
Paste toolbar buttons are becoming disabled
The Special Characters language support causes errors loading plugins from 3.5 onwards
WebKit: pasting block elements results in an extra div
FF selecting lists using keyboard & clicking on Decrease Indent not removing lists
Can't dynamically load ckeditor_source.js
Add support for a Display Text field to the Link dialog
Image placeholder for inserting an iframe does not use the style attribute
Add support for specifying units for width and height on the iframe dialog.
Problems Selecting Images that are in a Table in Firefox
IE Elements not shown in path bar when we select pre format option with out focus in editor body
Iframe uses deprecated align attribute
[IE] Weird behavior when applying a block format on a table
A click on a horizontal list's element makes it become a vertical list
Safari : It is not possible to apply single style to collapsed selection
[IE] Javascript error when deleting rows in context menu
Paste from Word: Lists in preformatted body disappear
Client side validation script needs to perform below steps to satisfy Checkpoint AA3.3.3: *WCAG 2.0 AA* Error Suggestions
Right border disappears in v2 and office 2003 skins when zooming in/out
IE: we can't switch to to source mode when we insert a Table with caption or first row or both first row & column set as Table Headers
BiDi: Strange behaviour when creating RTL lists
Can't remove empty paragraph first in document that's followed by a table
IE with out focus in Editor body when we click Text Color button it is showing background color panel instead of Text Color panel
IE we can't convert Numbered list to a Bulleted list and vice versa
IE: Flash video not displaying when the editor is removed.
IE: Javascript error when inserting an image.
Find/Replace not scrolling properly to show text when cycling to start of document
[FF] Click on paste button create wrong linebreak
BIDI: we can't come out of RTL Numbered/Bulleted lists
BIDI: we can't create RTL Numbered/Bulleted lists
IE6: Right borders missing in dialog textfields in RTL languages
Valid font specification not being handled by the editor properly
IE Quirks: Type drop down in Bulleted List dialog is not centre aligned.
Context menus not displaying correctly in IE6 quirks mode
FF - Scrollbar does not operate properly in editor with large amount of text
IE Quirks: No text wrap on Accessibility Instructions dialog
FF: Opening the paste dialog adds an unwanted <br /> tag
IE Quirks: Text & Background color panels are distorted
IE Increasing indentation once of RTL Numbered/Bulleted not shown properly in editor body
Find cannot search for a string longer than 80 chars
Line bulleting lost on paste special if entire line not selected
Paste special does not correctly paste formatted WordPad text.
Strikethrough and underline do not turn off consistently in the editor
table resize handles problem in FireFox
Indented bullets get pasted as tiny dots in FireFox
copying and pasting a table doesn't result in its content appearance being preserved in IE8
Table Insert not working consistently
safari: we can't come out of Numbered/Bulleted list when some formatting is applied to text in list item
Safari : Paragraph formats not applied to list items properly
BIDI: Indentation is not applied to a RTL list item in a mixed content list
BIDI: Numbers/Bullets not displaying in the editor in a mixed content list in FF
IE8: Extra empty list item is added to a list when using backspace to delete an outer list item
[FF] Closing the Paste dialog with "Ok" button inserts a new line
FF: Dialogs shrink in width in V2 skin when dragged to the right of the screen
CKEditor doesn't scroll to show matched words when searching or replacing
Align button should work on selected objects
Safari: we can't start a Numbered/Bulleted list with out focus in editor body
Create list on RTL paragraph
FF: Fields in iframe dialog are empty when context menu is opened by right clicking on a resize handle
IE: Toolbar buttons not working when large image/flash/iframe inserted in the editor
IE6: Dialogs containing dropdown menus become distorted briefly when dragging a dialog to a new position
WebKit: Paragraph format not applied when editor is not focused
Bulleted lists copied from MS Word are pasted into the Editor as Numbered lists
FF: Indented numbered list not displaying correctly when pasted from MS Word
Getting Unresponsive Script Error when we try to paste Numbered/Bulleted lists with one more than one level
Font size: nested span tags
[Opera] Closing the Paste dialog with "Ok" button inserts a new line
Getting an error when deleting a row
style buttons do not toggle correctly in IE at the beginning of a non-empty paragraph
IE: Editing a table pasted table adds a new empty table in editor body.
IE 6&7: Error when editing cell properties in table
IE8 adds extra space when pasting from word.
Unable to delete list by backspace at the document start
BiDi: Increasing indentation on a list item changes the language direction
IE: Image dialog stretches when we go to edit inserted image
JAWS not reading instructions on Accessibility Instructions dialog
JAWS not reading updated label of Unlock/Lock ratio icon on Image Properties dialog
Firefox doesn't clear selection on RichCombo's
IE Crashes when we try to insert a new list item in the pasted list.
IE: Cannot select items from the context menu when a table is selected
Opera: can not enter text after inserting Page Break or Horizontal Line
Start Value not shown correctly for Numbered lists Paste from Word
BiDi: IE8: Bulleted list dialog not displaying with RTL Bulleted list
BIDI: IE8: Unspecified webpage error is thrown when using the UNDO function
BIDI: IE8: Difficulties using backspace to delete RTL paragraphs.
Opera: we can't paste Numbered/Bulleted list with list styles.
keyboard navigation of Tool bar broken when we create and destroy Editor instances
Remove format should work for selected table
Paste callback not being executed when use browser Paste menu option
Unable to bold then apply color to a hyperlink
FF & IE Pasting multi level Numbered list from word not working properly .
Opera: Text remains highlighted unnecessarily when font colour is applied
Opera: Indented bullets do not have circle or square styled bullets (CORE-41465)
Unwanted bullet added to a list containing different paragraph formats.
CKEditor dialogs are displayed behind ActiveX controls in IE
IE: Lists copied from word are not pasted properly
IE9: Page break not inserted after a horiontal line
IE9: Browser crashes when inserting image links with different targets
Lists not deleted properly using backspace
BIDI: The wrong indentation is applied when converting indented RTL paragraphs into lists
Opera/Safari/Chrome : Error when editing pasted Multilevel list
Opera : Extra empty number/bullet shown in editor body when editing pasted Multilevel list
Toolbar keyboard navigation doesn't work on RTL UI
[Opera] ALT+F10 and ALT+F11 doesn't work
Paste buttons in toolbar become disabled depending on the content in the clipboard
IE6: Throwing an error when we open Table dialog on Pasted tables from word
Flash video not displaying due to data attribute being added to object tag
chrome not showing default alignment when we type text or keep cursor in editor body
[[safari/chrome]] deleting a list creates an empty div instead of paragraph
[[safari/chrome]] not possible to apply paragraph format with out focus in editor body
[[safari/chrome]] not possible to apply alignment/ indentation / language direction with out focus in editor body
Chrome: Flash dialog preview does not display when the dialog is positioned over the editing area
Instructions on how to access help dialog should be placed in an aria-describedby attribute
New toolbar is not backwards compat.
Indented bullet list not pasting correctly from Word
[[safari/chrome]] not possible to create a new paragraph after applying paragraph format/ alignment/ language direction/ indentation with out focus in editor body
Styles toolbar items need to use role="presentation" on all spans
Provide custom toolbar labels without modifying CKEDITOR.lang.toolbarGroupss
Enter mode BR doesn,t work in 3.6 branch
Paste as Plain Text Behavior - FF vs. IE
Paste from Word does not recognize fonts
[Opera] Nested block while pasting paragraphs
Opera: unable to turnoff single formatting
<wbr> tag in source is breaking the editor.
[IE] Delete row throws JS error
IE: Element Path bar & Tool bar icons not updating properly while inserting & Editing Tables
IE: we can't come out of Table using mouse or keyboard
IE: Unable to scroll the editor, if the image in the editor is selected
IE 6& IE7 Inserting a Pagebreak generating an error
Pasting multi level Numbered list from word not working properly
IE 6,7&8 Throwing an Error when we open Table Properties dialog
Deleting a Column with has a deleted cell in one of the rows not working
FF: setData() on hidden editor causes editor not to display
IE 6&7 Getting handlers when we navigate to first paragraph(non-editable) in editor body.
BIDI: Copying & Pasting RTL lists from Word not working properly in IE7
IE 6 & 7: @ symbol is displayed in the editor when 0 is entered in the start text field in Numbered List dialog
Safari & Chrome : On V2 Skin when we Zoom in/Zoom out drop down lists getting distorted
Error thrown when we try to paste the date from Word.
Disable uiElement API has changed - no longer works as expected
Opera: Link Target to open in New window/Topmost Window not working
Opera: Toolbar drop down menus are not displaying
Focus going back to Editor body when we activate dialogs from Context menu
IE : We can't open more than one sub menu.
Opera : We can't open more than one sub menu
Safari & Chrome : Nested block while pasting paragraphs
Pasting links in IE8 and IE9 no longer working as expected
IE: table cell properties giving error undefined (table tools, onshow invalid selection) when enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR
Problem with Label for Lock ratio button not changing in High Contrast mode
Images can be inserted as Flash objects
IE: We can't apply text/background color with out focus in editor body.
IE: We can't apply font name/font size/paragraph format/ styles with out focus in editor body.
Elements path bar is empty when we select font name/font size/text or background color with out focus in editor body
BIDI: Pressing decrease indent on a RTL list item causes a change in language direction
IE: Unlink option is not always available from the context menu when right clicking on a link
Enter key does not work properly
IE: Height value missing from iFrame dialog
Opera: empty values shown for all fields on the dialog when we activate dialog using context menu.
some of list items in Multilevel lists are pasted as separate lists
Can't open dialogs in IE6
Safari: Edit Link & Unlink options are not available in the context menu
BIDI: Safari: Dialog drop down list items are left aligned in RTL languages
IE6: Can't switch from source to wysiwyg
[IE] Dialogadvtab: changes in styles field are not recorded when immediately closing the dialog
Block insertion in table caption
Editor doesn't show all the matched text during find with Autogrow plugin loaded
Table dialog should not allow negative values for width,height,Cell Spacing & Cell Padding
Length units not discoverable by users
FF: with Auto grow plugin(with it's default configuration) PageUp & PageDown not working
[[IE & Opera]] issues with PageUp & PageDown when Auto grow plugin(with it's default configuration) is loaded
Bulleted list and copy/paste problems
Error suggestion not correct when we enter invalid values for width & height fields in Table dialog
Errors when trying to select empty table cell on IE8
with enterMode: p set, CK Editor creating a br instead of p when we press enter
Iframe dialog not picking width & height values entered in source view
Implement Language toolbar button to support WCAG 3.1.2 Language of Parts
Error suggestion not correct when we enter invalid values for Cell spacing & Cell padding fields in Table dialog
aria-activedescendant incorrectly used in combos
IE6: Paste from word, multilevel lists with alphanumbering
FF4 : Focus not shown when we tab to combo boxes & check boxes on all dialogs
Autogrow does not fire when switching from source
Chrome: Flash content not visible in page preview.
Split cell horizontal/vertical
Check boxes on Find and Replace dialog should be part of a Fieldset
Insert block element between block elements
Bullets/Numbers are invisible when setting LTR elements in RTL list
Autogrow problem with margins
JS error when inserting new row in table
Safari on Mac : Cursor goes out of editor body when auto grow kicks in
language direction applied to list item removed after indentation
IE9 : Pasting of lists not working properly.
IE - &nbsp not honored in table cells
Radio buttons cannot be given a vertical layout
Radio buttons on dialogs cause an error in IE quirks mode
IE & Safari : Can't remove empty paragraph first in document that's followed by a table
Styles field is not validated
Opera: Undo not restoring the deleted empty paragraphs
Application landmark taking focus to Tool bar instead of Editor body after visiting toolbar.
Special Character dialog window shows the same tooltip for symbols with different spelling case
IE8: We can't close Flash/Iframe dialog when dialog is over IFrame/Flash with dialog_startupFocusTab set to true
Context Menu not allways closing
Find does not highlight found words for contentEditable=false
Tab Order broken with radio buttons inside a dialog
IE: Selection bug when opening dialog on certain content
IE: Selection bug when opening dialog on certain content
tab/shift-tab to indent/outdent <li> elements
Performance problems with nested documents
IE: throwing an error when we apply Alignment to entire page content containing Page break at the end
[[WinXP & IE8]] Removing last list item in outer list creating a new list item/ breaking the list
[FF]: Problems with deleting last list item
IE9 : When CK Editor accessed through https:// combos don't work after pasting image
Chrome: Paste from Word inserts blank line at top.
Table dialog showing incorrect number of columns
Opera : Copying and pasting tables not working properly (CORE-41467)
IE : js error when using Link dialog without editor focus
Opera: cursor goes to start of editor body when we apply text/background colour
IE8 & IE9 throwing an error when we press enter after entering an URL in Link dialog
IE : Numbered list can not be converted to bulleted list or vice versa
IE: We can't insert a link with out focus in Editor body
[Regression] List creation error
Java Script error when inserting new column in the table
Undo not working properly
Adding a LTR Paragraph to RTL List changing language direction of list
[Regression] Enter key doesn't keep inline styles
BIDI: IE8: Unspecified web page error thrown when using the Undo
IE6 : we can't clearly see whether a check box checked or not on any dialog
Cursor going to last table cell instead of first table cell
IE : Cursor goes to start of editor body when we bring up link dialog using Link tool bar icon & closing Link dialog using OK Button
IE: Cursor goes to start of editor body when we edit a link using the context menu option
Incorrect DOM structure after applying an anchor style to a selection that already contains a styled anchor
IE : Cursor goes to start of editor body when we press Undo after inserting new row/column
ie with large content - after scrolling to the bottom of the content and clicking inside editor, jumps back to top of content
Accessibility: Problems navigating radio buttons in a dialog using the keyboard
IE: Pasting content from notepad which includes blank lines is not working correctly
Paste as plain text not working correctly with content from Word that includes blank lines
aria-setsize and aria-posinset incorrectly set on Styles drop-down
Language files not loading properly for the a11yhelp plugin
FF - <a> tag href incorrectly encoded
Performance problem with nested documents
Safari : List/Link properties not updated when cursor kept at end of list item or link inside table cell and modified properties
FF: Not possible to add paragraph before table if table is first element in editor
IE 7 Editor scrolling when clicking near the scrollbar
Focus not going back to Table dialog after clicking ok button on error dialog
Opera: Tabbing inside tables not working properly
IE: Trying to insert a table after inserting an anchor generating error
Styling lost on text that is included within an invalid HTML block
IE8: We can't enter text after anchor in editor body.
Table: Insert Column Before and Insert Column After not working when a column contains some 'undefined' cells
IE6 IE7: Selecting a table header row using Elements path bar omitting first char in first header cell
[Safari, Chrome] Copying and pasting last table row does not work
FF: <br> tag added to each table cell when a table is created
IE - Unable to delete first line in editor when table is next element
Editor context menu gets unnecessarily clipped
The styling of the anchor image in the editor is not customizable
Better focus indication and ability to style selected color in the color picker dialog
When inserting a table before or after an existing table, it is impossible to change the table location
[IE] Browser crash when pasting certain content
API to allow access to an element before it is inserted in the editor
Can't close Select Colour dialog using Esc
Focus not going back to correct field on Cell Properties after we close Select Color dialog using OK & Cancel buttons
Highlight field in Select Color dialog not showing correct color when we navigate Colors using keyboard
JAWS not switching modes in CKEditor Cell dialog
IE: Pasting a list after applying font-size to a paragraph wraps list-items in spans
Editor does not allow to change the numbering list font
Table Cells has incorrect Col Span after we delete Cells
Chrome: Cursor not staying in correct position after subscript/superscript & we moved to next paragraph
Copy Paste Word 2010, Cleanup Internal Error
tableresize not working correctly when the editor's horizontal scroll bar is scrolled
IE - Cell Properties dialog does not close after applying change to multiple cells
FF - Deleting selected text sometimes not working quite right
New lines in table add unnecessary vertical space to cells
IE: Script error when opening table context menu
p tags getting added inside list items (li) items in outer list
with JAWS we can't open Select Color dialog more than once.
'paste' event not fired when using browser's native paste menu
Safari on Mac: cannot type in the editor after using tab to navigate into the content area
<link> should be inside <head> on panels
CK Editor dialogs do not show completely in small window
CKEDITOR.htmlWriter giving unexpected results
Content pasted using 'Paste as Plain text' is sometimes styled in the editor.
Pagebreak jumps to top of Number/Bullet list when we navigate to HTML Source & back to Rich text
Safari: Press delete button in an empty cell deleting empty Rows below current row
FF: Window scrolls to top when closing the table properties dialog
FF: (HC mode) There is no indication of what the flash and iframe placeholders are used for in High Contrast mode
IE: Image Properties does not show in context menu when the image is wrapped in a div with the width set
Webkit: insertElement() not working as expected for inline elements
IE 7 & IE 8&9 Compat View: Image dialog gets huge, if image has Large Alternate text
IE: Editor selection is intermittently lost when an item is selected from a toolbar menu
Incorrect font size shown for <font> tag
Alignment lost when pasting from Word with enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR
Takes a very long time to paste large amount of text into the editor
IE - Enter key not being properly processed by dialogs
with JAWS: Focus not shown when you navigate menu options
Pasting into styled content results in multiple style tags instead of just one
Styles are lost on sub-lists when converting from numbered list to bulleted list and vice versa
List order is reversed when converting list type
Text style lost on previous line in enterMode = CKEDITOR.ENTER_BR when deselecting the style in the toolbar
File input does not contain an associated label
IFrame semantics of File input need to be removed
IE Compat View: Number/Bulle list gets removed when we type the text
Safari: cke_pastebin remains in editor body after pasting
Decrease indent changing bullet alignment
Safari: Numbers/Bullets in list are on left while content aligned to right
Font styling lost on sub-lists when the indent on the parent list is decreased
When Indentation of parent list is decreased, font styling from sub-lists goes to paragraph and can't be removed.
List structure broken when deleting a list entry
Invalid ARIA property used on paste iframe
Flash content not inserted properly from rev 7542
Selection at the beginning of paragraphs is broken on IE9 and IE8
Tab should leave listbox in smiley and specialchar dialogs
IE: Unspecified Error when making a selection with images in the editor
Some table operations are causing javascript errors
FF error shown when calling setData() on hidden editor, with autogrow on
IE6-8 JS error thrown when pasting with dialog
[IE8] Delete key before list item
Not possible to outdent content in a div containing a table
When CKEditor is inside an IFrame, it is not possible to move dialogs outside the IFrame
IE7: Browser crash when changing list item type
Find is always doing a cyclic search even if 'Match cyclic' is not selected
Undo state incorrect when an editor instance is created on an empty element
State of some toolbar buttons are not updated after using 'Remove Format'
Arrows not rendering correctly on menus in high contrast mode
Escape key does not close the a11yhelp dialog
Broken image icon displays for Flash and IFrame elements
Safari: Error on table dialog when border:none is added to the styles field
Browser error when calling insertText(' ') in V4
Using backspace key causes javascript error, bumps you out of the editor when debugging
Enter key fails if CKEditor is used in a cross domain frame
Incorrect delete key behavior before list item
Paste as Plain text closing when we press Enter in Pasting Area
Vertical scroll bar not appearing in maximized editor with autogtrow enabled
IE: Table with multiple tbody tags gets re-ordered when switching between source and wysiwyg mode
disableObjectResizing and disableNativeTableHandles does not work in IE 9 IE10 in CKE 3.x 4.x
FF: Editor not expanding to Maximum size, when we click Maximize button after focusing in editor body
FF: Vertical scroll bar & toolbar missing in maximized editor with autogtrow enabled
IE: Enter creating a new paragraph instead of new line in Paste dialog
magicline and contenteditable=false
CKEditor Paste From Word strips anchor tags
FF:IME is disabled if startupFocus is true.
IE: Javascript Error thrown when we press Delete or Backspace in CK Editor V4
[Opera] Context menu and drop down menus aren't closed
inline editing: Blocks shown for a div stay permanently even after user exists editing the div
Inline editing: Copying from one div to other not working if div's has different toolbars
Inline editing: with JAWS we have to press Esc twice to get focus back in to editor from toolbar
Inline editing: 7th div when we invoke Context menu on image using keyboard it gets overridden by toolbar
Inline editing: There is no information for JAWS user about editor availability & how to access Help Content
Inline editing: JAWS not reading states of Toolbar buttons
Inline editing: IN 3rd 4th 5th 6th &7th div's JAWS not reading parent toolbar group & group name when we navigate to toolbar
Inline editing: Issues with JAWS not switching to correct mode & reading content in div's
Inline editing: with JAWS virtual Cursor we can't navigate whole sample page using arrow keys
Find dialog searching from document beginning instead from current cursor positioneven when Match cyclic check box unchecked
[FF]: Inconsistent behavior in applying styling to selected text
BIDI: Indent & List icons do not always reflect the text direction selected in the editor
Custom class name is not any more applied to button and menu item
Magicline: no accessibility support
Opera: Incorrect options shown in Context menu
[FF] Focus on editor focused for the first time set selection before editable position
[Inline] Entire inline editable may be selected and copied from inside
Safari: cke_pastebin remains in editor body after pasting
Table width incorrectly set when border-width style is specified
Cannot apply a custom classname to a button icon
Cannot tab past CKEditor when it is in read only mode
a11yhelp availablity
Type error when nothing is selected in checkSelectionChange() (Cannot call method "getType" of null)
A11Y: Not possible to navigate out of Table without using Magicline
IE: Text between list items getting overlapped when list items text has font size more than 36
[Android] Problems with text selection
IE10: CKE 3.x - We can't open CK Editor Context Menu for elements in editor body
Cannot type Japanese Characters into the editor
setReadOnly(false) doesn't activate backspace keystroke
Toolbar Collapse command documented incorrectly on Accessibility Instructions dialog
Magicline commands should be smarter when looking for focus spaces
JAWS not reading states of Toolbar buttons in 4.0
JAWS not reading dialog titles in 4.0
IN FF17: when we open Toolbar menu for the first time & press down arrow key, focus goes to next toolbar button instead of menu options
JAWS issues with interacting Context menu in 4.0
Focus goes out of Link dialog when there are no Anchors
Opera: dialogs not closing after inserting elements
[Webkit, Divarea] Pasting causes undesirable scrolling
Inserting an empty paragraph before table using keyboard shortcut not working properly when first or last table cell has list or div
Switching to source and back creates invalid html
IE7 & IE8 - CKEditor not fully loading on Page refresh
Incorrect focus handling on the link dialog
Shift+Enter or Enter in Enter_BR breaks color style
[Android] CKEDITOR.inline returns null, CKEDITOR.instances is empty, no toolbar
CKEditor backspace IE - When selecting a image and pressing "backspace" causes browser to go back
Unable to dynamically/lazily load a CKBuilder-generated ckeditor.js
Invalid ARIA property used on menu items
Context menus not displaying with keyboard shortcuts when autogrow is enabled
[IE7-10] Undo gives JS error after 2+ switches to source mode.
IE: Javascript error thrown when we press Undo after switching to source & back to rich text
editor.destry() throw an error
Paste not working for content with leading or trailing whitespace
Chrome & opera - trailing white space lost on paste
Issue with context menu's location when triggered by Ctrl+Shift+F10
role="application" should not be used for dialogs
role="application" should not be used for floating panels
Japanese and Chinese text-align justify not working
IE: Pasted block content into an inline style creates invalid HTML
<a> tag is not allowed when ACF is set to "automatic mode"
Width attribute is not allowed by Custom configuration for ACF but can be set via table context menu
[Bidi] Lack of scrollbar in the RTL text direction
BIDI: Incorrect cursor position in RTL mode (Chrome)
JAWS reading width field & width unit dropdown & it's values when Cell Properties dialog opened
Wrong behavior with long text lines in RTL text dir
IE: Error thrown when we try to paste simple text from word doc
Incorrect behavior when undo/redo clicked in IE
Editor should have unique label
Enterkey in table caption
Chrome/safari: Not possible to cut the formatted text
IE: Paragraph alignment or indentation lost when cut & paste
Safari & Chrome: CTRL + A does not select entire content in editor body if text has formatting applied
Webkit: Incorrect selection endOffset for styled content
tab/shift-tab to indent/outdent lists not working for lists inside a table
no property of "style=font-size" for default font size
Pressing Backspace on IE9 in front of a link causes 2 characters to dissappear
Cross frame problems
We have to press ESC twice to close Select Color dialog
JAWS not reading Select Color dialog title when it's opened
JAWS not reading label for Context menu & we can't navigate through options using keyboard
JAWS not reading label for Toolbar menu & we can't navigate through options using keyboard
JAWS not reading label for Color's list box & we can't navigate through color options using keyboard
Floating space for inline editors needs a label
Range is expanded when inserting a link on styled text
[Webkit]: Cursor jumping to start of editor body when we press enter after last list item in outer list
Inconsistent use of decodeURI in image dialog
Error thrown when we press delete after first list item in a Numbered/Bulleted list inside a table
Magicline icon is not mirrored in RTL environments
Spelling Mistakes on Accessibility Instructions dialog
A11y improvements on panels
JAWS issue with keyboard shortcut for magicline
Firefox: Incorrect cursor position when link is created
[IE] Paragraph styling is not preserved after pasting (using Ctrl+V or Paste dialog)
JAWS does not read out the selected item on the language menu
AVT: With focus on button menu & no drop-down menu displayed, pressing Down Arrow should open drop-down menu and move focus in to menu and onto the first menu item
IE: Delay typing text when editor contains large tables and autogrow is enabled
AVT: When a menu is open and focus is on a menu item in that open menu, pressing Up or Down Arrow keys cycle focus through the items in that menu
editor.destroy() does not cleanup content generated by TableResize plugin for inline editors
Left mouse click on image opens image dialog
a11yhelp strings should be externalised into lang files
Paste table from Microsoft Office Word - lost value of border attribute
AVT: JAWS not reading disabled buttons as unavailable
IE8: Merged table cells with width applied not rendering correctly
[Chrome, inline editor] Ctrl+A after selecting Page Break selects an entire page instead of the editor body content
JAWS users are not informed that the language button has a menu when a language is already applied
role="radiogroup" should be applied only to radio inputs' container.
IE: editor blinks and Drop-downs closed immediately after show when CKEditor opened as a modal dialog
Splitting table cells causes table content to move.
Properties get cloned in Cell Properties dialog if multiple cells are selected
CKEditor on [Webkit/Blink] drops cursor when changes in one editor update another
IE: incorrect selection when CKEditor opened as a modal dialog
CKEDITOR.editor.resize won't accept CSS units for height
CHROME: Applying alignment & link to an image removing all properties of image
forceEnterMode enabled, enter key does not work well inside lists
IE: Unable to get property 'checkReadOnly' of undefined or null reference
[IE] JS error when clicking on TD tag in elements path bar
Magicline and DIV enterMode
CKEditor loses event handlers attached to DOM nodes when performing an Undo/Redo operation
AVT: JAWS not reading number of list options correctly in colours list box
Cursor jumps to end of the word in Chrome when clicking the Strikethrough button mid-word
Unable to delete non editable element in IE8
[Safari] Unable to Highlight and Delete 'contentEditable=false"
AVT: Drag & Drop functionality of widgets not keyboard Accessible
Configuration option to hide the 'Automatic' option in the color picker
Entire page scrolls down briefly if entire editor is not visible in Chrome
Pasting of double byte white space broken when copied from WordPad and into CKEditor in Internet Explorer
Pasting several double byte whitespace copied from firefox shrinks them to one single byte whitespace
Cannot resize an image in Chrome using the Image plugin
Styling not carried over to empty lines
Webkit Blink regression: CKEditior initial state not set upon load
Extra span is added on paste
Chrome: Unbale to get 'keydown' event
[Sev1] AVT: Keyboard Navigation in dialogs with multiple tabs not following CI 162 instructions or ARIA Authoring practices
Font color will not be inherited if the text is typed in between two lines of text
Ability to specify List Types at Creation Level
CK Editor Context menu not opening if you click inside editor body but outside content
Firefox only - inserting a link using insertHtml and clicking inside editor, causes caret to position incorrectly outside anchor tag
Pasting lists from Word: custom text indentation and numbered list markers
[Firefox] Space typed at the end of paragraph is not returned by editor.getData()
ACF does not get triggered when using DnD to insert text
Incorrect ranges when trying to delete a contentEditable element
IE11: Input event not triggered
Update a11y help info about navigation in dialogs
Data type of the event paste is different among different browsers
Copy table with "Repeat as header row at the top of each page" option enabled in Word didn't paste correctly in CKEditor
CKEditor object in debug mode doesn't load correctly.
Missing widget description for screen readers
Bidi: Image coordinates displayed incorrectly in RTL editor
Editor strips <span> tags when copying and pasting a table with embedded artifacts
Copying content from IE to Chrome adding extra paragraph
Indent copied text
Chrome: Pagebreak lost when we paste content
Context menus are cut-off in Microsoft Edge
URL input field is not marked as required in 'Insert Media Embed' dialog
Autogrow not kicking when we add Embed videos
[IE11] Highlight Shift with Japanese IME when converting to Kanji on CKEditor
IE11 & EDGE: Pasting Numbered list with diff start value from word doc not shown correctly
AVT: FF-Keyboard Navigation between Toolbar groups not working properly
WCAG 2.0 violation reported on the page that contains CK Editor
Embedding widgets possible even widget editable allowedContent filter does not allow this.
IE: Cursor moves outside of the anchor when space is entered
Keyboard focus goes into embedded iframe element
AVT: JAWS not reading media selected when embed media selected instead it reads selected Blank
IE/EDGE: Font Name dropdown not showing font styles of text copied from word doc
EDGE: Widget selection lost when dialog closed
IE11/EDGE: extra SPAN gets added everytime Find dialog identifies the word in the editor
convertToPx function in RTL mode
Safari on MAC: Bullets are aligned vertically to bottom of text
[Webkit][IE8] Browser hangs when user set Number list & then insert table
IE: Image resize marker placed out of the CKEditor area
[FF: ] style button switching on and off when user repeatedly click on an empty editor
newline <br/> becomes &nbsp; when invoking getData()
Font size and font family reset each other when modified at certain positions
AVT: Title for all buttons in CK Editor Toolbar not displayed for Keyboard only User
AVT: Title for all icons in CK Editor dialogs not displayed for Keyboard only User
Unable to paste base64 images using Firefox 50.0
[MAC] Certain CK Editor Keyboard shorcuts does not work on MAC
[FF][IE] Paste as plain text keystroke does not work
[A11Y]: With JAWS on, we can't close any of lists (Font Name, Font Size, Text or Background Colour) using ESC.

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